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Updates for 2017

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As you might be able to tell I have let the maintenance of this site slide this year.  So much for my new year's resolution in January. Anyway.. the site is not completely dead. I have been through and deleted all the dead links and removed any blogs or sites not updated within the last year.

I have had very few requests from bloggers to be added to the site this year. Here are the ones that have been just added :

Family Time in Japan from Japanese full-time housewife, living with a husband and two sons in Tokyo. Bringing you items on news ,food, music, travel and lifestyle.

Kansai Odyssey from Lina and Shigeharu. Lina's hope is that "this blog can provide everyone with information that I certainly did not have my first time coming to Japan. I have always been passionate about Japanese culture and history and am excited to be able to share it. My husband and I take great care to make sure we give accurate and well researched information about all the great things you can find in Osaka and the Kansai region. I also hope that our articles will help you be able to write your own odyssey in Japan and invigorate you to explore this special country."

Japan Objects is an online magazine for culture lovers, presenting the most inspiring Japanese art & design and tailor-made travel guides, from two avid Japanophiles, living in Tokyo, who are enamored with the wealth of distinctive arts in this beautiful country.

Inside Sport Japan Bringing you the best of Japanese sport daily. Covering X-League, Sunwolves, BraveBlossoms, Soccer, Sumo and Basketball.

Take Me to Japan
Not really a blog: they "help introduce Japanese language courses in Japan, so people can find the right one that suits them" But there will be some tips on living in Japan coming up soon. There were a couple of other new blogs started but both seem to have already stopped posting after a few months. Should you wish to encourage these new bloggers head over to :Nihon Scope  and Watashiin Japan and give them some love.

I rely on people to submit entries for the list. so if you have a Japan related blog or site you wish to be included, please contact me.

Happy Holiday to everyone and all the best for 2018.


Heather writes the blog Appetite For Japan.
She says: "My blog, Appetite for Japan, has been running for about 1.5 years thus far (since November 2014). I update it approximately once a week.
Appetite for Japan has a focus on fun, modern places to see, things to do and food to eat in Japan. I travel to Japan regularly, visiting theme restaurants theme hotels, and events such as Halloween. I only write about places that I have personally visited and aim to provide readers with useful information to help them plan their own Japan trips."


New blogs this week .

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Some new blogs for this week. So far we have :
NipponInsider from Daniela, which has been added to the list of Non English Language blogs on Japan list, as she started her blog written in German at the end of last year.
Japan Australia from John Asano, who has been blogging steadily for several years.
Yabatori from 'Chikenboy' which he describes thus : "the blog is a collection of humorous personal narratives divided into three categories: Late Night Tales, Living in Japan, and Eat Drink Play. It's meant to entertain as well as give some advice and insight for those who plan to come to Japan as well as those who are already here. At present I only have six posts but will continue to add content once or twice per week. "
Japanese Journey Johannes is learning Japanese in Germany, follow his journey on the way to fluency.


The Japan Blog List is not dead, it's merely resting.
Oh dear, it's been more than a few years since I last updated!
OK change of plan, rather than batch them up, I will just post one, or two at a time. I have rather a backlog so anyone still blogging about Japan please send me a new email.

The reason for the new start is that I promised DJ Fox that I would put a link to a new site Standup Tokyo on the blog list. So while it's not exactly a blog, I do enjoy standup comedy, and they guys will be putting on shows at the pub down the road.


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I've missed a few months worth of updates for various reasons, so I'll try and get started with the latest ones added and go back through the backlog this week: Japan Realm has been started very recently, with sections on Food and drink, History, Humor, Japanese Lessons, Lifestyle, Manga, Technology and Wildlife and plants. An eclectic mixture indeed with no indication of who or why they started it.

Japanese Art Showcase was launched last month and boasts 1500 stunning images from 40 galleries, in categories including Woodblock, Erotic art (shunga) 20th Century and contemporary art and photography.

Japonismo written in Spanish covering Japanese culture and travel by a couple currently living outside of Japan.

Ben in Japan Ben is following his dream to live in Japan and is planning to share the whole experience from start to finish.

Japan kaleidoskop Marion writes about Japanese culture, art and literature. She has lived in Japan for some years, has a degree in Japanese Studies and has travelled through the country many times since 1988.

Cody Rapley's Japan Journal Mainly street photography and occasional thoughts from a Kiwi designer with a scholarship from the Japanese government to study in Japan at Meiji Gakuin University for one year.

LOL Sushi 'K' is a Japanese/Australian working in the entertainment industry. He blogs about all things to do with the Japan entertainment industry.

Tokyo Room Finder Blog Famous places,events,art,music and culture. This blog introduces different faces of japan. Find out places to visit and things to do in Japan.

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