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The goal of this website is to have all blogs listed here, that are written by Ex-pats in Japan or Japanese bloggers in Japan. It doesn't really matter what category you fit into. If you love Japan, you're more than welcome. We're up to 350+ blogs and growing daily! Most people want to go work in Japan (many go teach English in Japan) or live there, but they want a preview of what life could be like. Well, the solution is with the following list of blogs that are updated regularly with excellent content about Japan. Enjoy!

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I've missed a few months worth of updates for various reasons, so I'll try and get started with the latest ones added and go back through the backlog this week: Japan Realm has been started very recently, with sections on Food and drink, History, Humor, Japanese Lessons, Lifestyle, Manga, Technology and Wildlife and plants. An eclectic mixture indeed with no indication of who or why they started it.

Japanese Art Showcase was launched last month and boasts 1500 stunning images from 40 galleries, in categories including Woodblock, Erotic art (shunga) 20th Century and contemporary art and photography.

Japonismo written in Spanish covering Japanese culture and travel by a couple currently living outside of Japan.

Ben in Japan Ben is following his dream to live in Japan and is planning to share the whole experience from start to finish.

Japan kaleidoskop Marion writes about Japanese culture, art and literature. She has lived in Japan for some years, has a degree in Japanese Studies and has travelled through the country many times since 1988.

Cody Rapley's Japan Journal Mainly street photography and occasional thoughts from a Kiwi designer with a scholarship from the Japanese government to study in Japan at Meiji Gakuin University for one year.

LOL Sushi 'K' is a Japanese/Australian working in the entertainment industry. He blogs about all things to do with the Japan entertainment industry.

Tokyo Room Finder Blog Famous places,events,art,music and culture. This blog introduces different faces of japan. Find out places to visit and things to do in Japan.


Here's the latest batch of blogs that have been submitted to the JapanBlogList

Bonsai Paul started the site in May 2009. He has a passion for trees especially the wee ones and all things Japanese.

English Bento Box Prepared for you with love from Okinawa. About food and life interesting things to see and do.

Postcards from Fukui It's a blog about Sophie, a British JET living in Fukui prefecture. She posts about a range of topics, from teaching in a junior high school to travelling around Japan. This year she is trying to cover all the major festivals around Fukui.

 Tokyo Desu Tokyo Desu has five sections latest News from Japan, Guides to help you get the most out a visit, Tokyo Picks : reviews of restaurants and bars , a section on videos, and Upcoming events.

This is MY Life Check out the good times, the bad times and the crazy times of Ashley's life.

Gaijin Explorer Zacky Chan has been living and blogging in Toyama Prefecture for three years. Writing mostly about Budo, specifically concerning his experience training in Aikido and Kyudo. He also writes about hiking and bike riding throughout Toyama and other strange experiences as a gaijin.

Japan Music Promotion General information about Japan, Japanese music industry news, tips about music promotion in Japan from some musicians who have worked in the music industry in both the US and Japan.

AtsukoJoe Living now in London but still deeply attached to Tokyo. Constantly listening to music, often drawing, Joe is a designer and photograph-taker. Atsuko is a British fashion brand manager, design researcher and interpreter / translator.

Sunjatta Yokosuka Mike : He's just a guy enjoying his life living in Japan. He likes to travel around the country and take pictures as he goes.

Tokyo Stroller was founded in March 2011 after Sandra realized there was little information available in English on baby and kid-friendly places in Japan.

Organization Anti-Social Geniuses wants to be "your hub for Japanese Pop Culture". From Anime, Manga, Gaming, Music, Conventions, Figures, News, and more, they provide you with information on a valued medium to interviews and thought provoking editorials covering the medium you all love.

Cherry Blossom Stories Renae is a novelist and writer of Japanese fiction and non fiction. Her blog focuses on Japanese culture, food, literature, trends, fashion, style, customs and travel advice, along with her own personal experiences. It also features competitions and updates on her novels and short stories.

Nihongo Navigator Lots of Kanji descriptions, In addition to the language learning component of this blog Gary offers his perspective as an expat in Kyoto and his love for this city as reflected in his photos and descriptions.


Japan Blog List Nov 2012 Updates

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It's the end of the month and here's the latest round up of new blogs that have just started, or blogs that have been going for a while and only just been submitted and added to the main JapanBlogList

Japan as I find it A blog about a twenty-something Irish girl and her experiences of life in Tokyo, Japan. Ciara recently arrived back in Japan and is keen to share all that's good and bad about living and working in Japan.

Japanese Snacks and Candy Gallery is presented by Hiro, who includes a short video sections of herself tasting Japanese snacks and candy.

Food & Travels in Japan - Reports from Nasu Tak's life in Nasu with stories on travel, food and music.

Aus Products is blog of a small company, run by an Australian inventor living in Japan.

Purple Pen in Japan She's a teacher by profession and likes to share information with others.

Duc Su - Far from Home Duc Su lives in Japan and flies model helicopters.

Some Cat from Japan Judith is in her 20s, teaches english, married and has been blogging about food and and life in general in Japan since Sep 2011.


Japan Blog List Oct 2012 Updates

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It's the end of the month and here's the latest round up of new blogs that have just started, or blogs that have been going for a while and only just been submitted and added to the main JapanBlogList

TokyoHometown Is put together by long-term Tokyo residents who know the city well and enjoy writing about and photographing the city's joyous quirks. There's good advice here on how to navigate the city, how to discover places that you will want to tell others about, and how to live here fully aware of what's going on around you.

Japanese Design Magdalene, a Polish graphic designer, presents Japan graphic design, including visual identity, posters, typography, illustrations, webdesign, as well as architecture, fashion or examples from the history of design. ( in English and Polish). wants to be your tour guide on Japanese culture, subculture, music, movies and news. They work around the clock to bring you the latest news regarding everything and anything Japan related. They focus on trends, music, style, pop-culture, anime, dramas, cinema, technology, subculture and other general news.

Poppin' Kitchen from Kumiko. She promises to post a new Japanese recipe every day.

usolee Kenji's an ALT with some artist ideas with photos and video entries.

Lunch Break Japan An English teacher shares the details of school lunches she is obliged to eat with the children. Recipes and interesting food finds from Tokyo and Saitama too.

Sneak in Japan Lee subtitles it 'Yet another boring blog, mainly about Kendo, but also in general about my visit to Japan. Enjoy ;)' which is an unusual way of trying to attract readers.

Onsen Addict If you need, love, or are curious about hot springs, this is the blog for you: steamy photographs (no porn), hot explanations rippling with the bare truth of Japanese hot springs and Japanese culture, and unbiased reviews. Step into the blog, and wet your toes, your whole body, your mind, your soul, and your computer .

Crystal's Colourful world her blog blog is mainly about food. She reviews restaurants in Japan also overseas.

This must be the place Japanese things from a lady in Japan books, movies, restaurants, vacations and things.

Of course blogs get deleted from the JapanBlogList too. A special vote thanks goes to Jeffrey, a reader who regularly keeps me informed of blogs that have stopped updating, or simply disappeared such as: 'Japan It up', 'Spartan in Tokyo', 'Scenic from Afar', 'Storm from the east', 'Tacos with chopsticks', 'Picture Japan' and many more. If I notice blogs have not posted in the last six months then I remove them, no notice or warning. If you spot any dead links please do let me know by dropping me a line at JapanBlogList[AT]gmail[dot].


Japan Blog List Aug-Sep 2012 updates

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It's the end of the month and here's the latest round up of new blogs that have just started, or blogs that have been going for a while and only just been submitted and added to the main

London to Yasuoka Jovana is documenting her experiences in the small village of Yasuoka not only for friends and family but also for prospective JETs looking for information about the Programme.

Food for Life Dar is passionate about cooking and eating.Introducing homemade Shan,Japanese and Asian recipes is her first priority.

Mums and Kids Japan Advice about living in Japan, especially for mums and kids. Tips to make your life with children more enjoyable.

A walk in Japan Through blog entries, photos, and videos, A Walk in Japan provides information on culture, food, travel, and the JET Program. He's hoping to provide helpful information for tourists and JET applicants.

Life in Japan with toddlers Life in Saitama Japan with toddlers, regular updates on all things children related.

Rude Boy Abroad featuring journal-style entries about daily life, occasional critical analysis, and observations on topics such as language-learning, survival in a foreign culture, and all the things that make Japan a great country.

Gaijin Go Japan Every post at GaijinGoJapan is geolocated : Latitude, longitude, prefecture, city and district is tagged. Sign up and share your own photos of places of interest too.

Big in Japan Ashley lives in Miyagi and working at British Hills with her husband. She's been posting about their adventures since Aug 2011.

Candy Kawaii Lover Ashley Dy is a Japanese street style photographer & style blogger. She's into knitting and making her own clothes, Dior lingerie, decapitated barbie dolls and The Virgin Suicides.

Vipin Shankhar Vipin is student of Life and Life Sciences at Mie University. He's interested in traveling the world (worlds), and trying hard to make those travels an eternal memory. Photographs, videos, and the pen come to his aid.

Four seasons in Japan Ichinen lives in Yokohama and likes making Japanese confectionery, fancywork using Japanese cloth and handicrafts. Lots of photos of the things and places to see.

Marienni Tracey has traveled all her life and currently lives in Japan. She writes about beauty, food, Japan, and points of interest in her life. But, it may be a little too early to narrow it down, this blog is just beginning.

Mia and Lola go on various adventures throughout Tokyo and beyond. The perfect mix of spicy and sweet.. hey! Go over and join them at Mia xox Lola for photos, fashion and cute girls. (in English and Japanese)

Sequins and Cherry Blossom Fran blogs about Japan-related events in her home town of London, interspersed with Japanese cultural titbits. It's for Londoners and anyone else who's interested in Japan or London or both.

My Big Apple NY is brought you by Sawako Yasuda, a financial writer from Kobe, Japan. She is sharing her views, stories, experiences in NYC. Find out the taste of the Big Apple with her. (in English and Japanese)

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