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Japan Blog List August to December

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Since I took over maintaining this site in August the list has grown from roughly 150 blogs to exactly 250 as of this evening! And new blogs keep on being submitted every week.

One of the difficulties I have, is what blogs to accept, what to reject and what to keep on hold. I have now read though the backlog of submissions for the bloglist going back to 2009 and what becomes quite obvious is the number of blogs that were submitted, but never made it past the first two months of posting. So, I have a dilemma, do I wait for blogs to become more established and deny them the boost in visibility by waiting for a couple of months? or do I add them first and hope that I don't have to come back a few months later and delete them?

So I have decided to give the current batch of new Japanese blogs a special mention to give them an extra boost in promotion and give them the added incentive to keep blogging. Here, in no particular order, are 13 new blogs that have been submitted recently and are waiting to get added to the main list on the right hand side.

Wawaza Started in December and focuses on Wellness, style and sustainability–with a touch of Japan.

Ramblinman Bobby is a fellow Englishman in the JET program and offers his observations on life in Japan in the hope of going viral and getting published in every magazine, newspaper and stone tablet ever produced.

OneDayJapan One Day Japan was created to help those who are interested in studying in Japan. Kira started in December and hopes to pull together resources that are scattered across the internet in one convenient location.

WanderLust v2 records Mel's previous trip to Japan and her plans for her next trip.

Jake in Japan Jake has been blogging about his life in Otaru in Hokkaido teaching English since June.

Onsen Meijin Mischa Berger is a Dutch man living in Oita. Since February 2008 he and his wife manager to visit the 88 different onsen in Beppu and recently earned the title Onsen Meijin. His blog aims to provide details on all those onsen he has visited.

Go Go Nihon Their mission is to help people that want to live and study in Japan. they hope to show you what student life in Japan is like. 29 posts so far, in a very colourful and well presented format. over 1200 people 'like' them on facebook, so they must be doing something well.

Eigo Mama Where Busy Moms Practice English and Life . We've had seven posts, all in November, Are the Moms too busy to blog too?

Shirimetsuretsu Two posts since starting in November. This European girl living in a long distance relationship with a Japanese man, has perhaps already run out of words about her feelings about Japan.

Katya's photo blog Katya is a Russian lady living in Japan. She's posted photo four times a month since September.

Bigger In Japan BiggerinJapan started slowly with a few posts from June, but has really ramped up his output with 28 posts of street photography in December already.

Japanese Sherry Sherry is a Chinese lady learning Japanese outside of Japan somewhere. She's posting 15 times since October little nuggets of Japanese.

Dazzle and Sizzle from Tanya in Tokyo is off to a flying start with 18 posts since she started her blog in November. She is going to bring you the best of Tokyo fashion and much more.

Update: 2nd Jan 2011. And here's one more that started in December :

Japan Chan Colin has just started this 'Feast from the East' with a number of posts about anime.

Any comments you have about how I handle new blogs are welcome. One thought I had was that perhaps I should have a 'New Blogs' section to identify the recently started. What do you think? For those that have twitter JapanBlogList will show that latest blogs added.

I wish all the bloggers, readers and visitors to this blog a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Hi, My name is Jon. Hello and welcome back to the
Gary set up this site in 2007 and did a great job gathering all the Japan related blogs together.
But other commitments meant that he no longer had time to maintain it. The site has been dormant for a year or two, but when I discovered my blog I'm a Seoul Man in Tokyo was still getting referrals from it, I thought I would find out if I could help in any way. So to cut a long story short, I have this week started maintaining the site.

Look out for many new blogs and Japanese related links and please let me know all the new Japan themed blogs out there for addition to the bloglist.

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