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This month's collection of new blogs submitted to the Japan Blog List.

Half/Rife from a Hafu.

The Weekly Japan Blog Sophie, in the UK posts every week about Japanese things.

Hokkaido Kanpai Stories and pictures from Hokkaido by Allie.

From Oxford to Japan from Mona, who's in Oxford and wants to come to Japan.

Naruhodo Steffen describes it as 'A blog mostly about Japanese culture and history, but the idea is that I can post anything that is related to Japan. There is not that many posts yet, but I aim to post a minimum of one post a week, most likely more.' I particularly like the post on a Japanese farting competition on an old scroll.

Travel Japan from Brad Maloney, who's just moved to Japan to teach English.

Big Sushi, Little fishes. from a suburb on the western edge of Tokyo, roughly halfway between the mountains of Okutama and the neon canyonlands of Shinujuku and downtown Tokyo.

Move over Godzilla, Taking on Tokyo Living, working and playing in Tokyo. Travels, daily discoveries and other interesting things from a koto playing

Tips for Brits in Tokyo Alex has just started a blog with some useful tips if you are British on where to buy stuff.

The Weeaboo describes itself as an oasis for otakus and Weeaboos. I'm guessing that if you know what a Weeaboo is then this site will be for you.

Me and My Man in Japan Elaine has just moved to Okinawa with her husband. Follow her adventures as she gets to know life in Japan.

The blog of Snobs from Daphne, a Japanese girl improving her English.

Learning Japanese thru pictures A picture a day to introduce a simple phrase or word of Japanese.

Adrienne in Japan Adrienne went on an exchange trip to Japan during university, and has just came back to Japan after finishing her course in applied linguistics. She teaches EFL and I loves it. This is her story.

Japan Our Dream Tia and her fiance have a dream to come and work in Japan. This is their story.


Here's this months selection of new blogs that have been submitted to the Japan Blog List

Tokyo Podcast started in August by Anthony, he's been producing weekly podcasts on subjects including 'Moving to Japan', Typhoon Roke, and Freelancing in Japan.

Kunisaki Introducing Kunisaki-shi. A city in Oita prefecture, Japan. "Ignore what Wikipedia says, this is truly the countryside of Japan, it's rural, and it is prime tourist / intrepid traveller territory." claims Alex.

Life in the land of Wa from Dustin and Laura. One family's adventures in Japan and everywhere in between.

Warai-banashi True stories of life in Tokyo.

Dream of Nippon KneeCap is a 27 year old wannabe student in Finland. He is so keen to come to Japan for his honeymoon with his wife that he is prepared to have a sponsored tatoo. So if you'd like to advertise on a Finnish student's shoulder please check him out.

Miisheru Currently in England, but hoping to get over to Japan some time.

Life of a Foreign Hachikin Describes herself as "Just a Chicago girl living in the countryside of Shikoku, Japan. Taking a bit of time living "the slow life," teaching English, and learning about being a foreign hachiken. I write about my daily life in Japan, the music scene around shikoku, and trying to desperately cling to inspiration for my photography."

Kangaroos and Kappas Language, Life , 日本語で post , Derricious Foodz and Japanese Mini Lessons from Daniel.

Tacos with Chopsticks Stylish photos and stories on things to do and places to go, from two Gaijins living in Yokohama.

Learn Japanese Fast Not really a blog, just an advert for some Japanese lessons, but could be of interest, I'm almost tempted to try the course for $99.

The Beautiful Home CompanyInspirational Images and Observations by an English Interior Stylist living in Japan.

Imagine Blog Imagine blog from Imagination Ink Studio & Study . Information and musings from the staff and students in Hamamatsu.

The Last Nan Ban JinThe Last Portuguese Man In Kyushu, Southwest Japan, since June 2008. In Portuguese.

Greglane his personal blog on web tech and other stuff in Japan.

And, if this list on the right hand side is not enough, please head on over to a fairly new site the JapanBlogDirectory. They've got a growing list of Japan themed blogs including quite a few that have not been submitted here!

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Here's the round up of new blogs submitted to JapanBlogList over the past two months.

Prime Minister Noda's English Blog A new Prime Minister, a new blog.

Travel Volunteerblog Katie & Jamie from the UK will visit all of Japan’s 47 prefectures and share their impressions until Dec 24th, having won a competition organised by a Japanese travel agency to promote tourism in Japan.

Eating Okinawa Kelly describes it as: "a blog about eating, making and buying food in Okinawa...but also a bit further afield as well."

June in Japan Written by a Zen Buddhist Nun about her experiences volunteering in Tohoku, with many people's stories and photos of area.

Japan Movie Review Promising looking blog of reviews of Japanese movies watched by the author.

Itsumo Japan about Japanese art, culture, language, travel, food and shopping, from a lady in Leeds.

Japon Blog Japanese things, in Spanish.

Tres Semanas en Japon Three weeks travelling around Japan on a 3600Y/day budget from Enzo, also in Spanish.

Short Small Sweet The adventures of a little dimpled girl living and working in the smallest prefecture of Japan. (Tottori).

iNanban Photo blog from Osaka and Tokyo.

East Meets West Japanese Mum, raising her children in America.

No Puri No Life! All things related to purikura:news, reviews and everything else. (that's 'cute photo stickers' that you take of yourself, if you, like me, were not aware of the term)

Guillaume Erard Life in Japan and Aikido resources.

Mochi Gashi About Japan and other related things. from a Japanese sweet lover.

Go Japanese They promise regular articles about Japanese cuisine, Japanese culture and important tips on places to visit in Japan.

Buoyancy in Japan Tokyo strolling from Qwerky.

The Stray Samurai Suzuki-san promises Japanese culture, trends, fashion, manga and gadgets.

Japan Survivor Bits and pieces from Ann.

Matt G Matt is a mech.eng. student arriving in Sendai very soon. He's hoping to make weekly posts about what it is like living and going to school in Sendai, along with whatever cultural information he can give.

Japan Life Trifles Day to day trifles on a family life in Japan.

Aprilus 20 Anime and movie reviews.

Perihele Osaka photo journal.

J Market Blog JMarket is an online marketplace offering Japanese products to individuals who lives outside Japan. Their blog has topics like Japanese culture, Japanese products, tips on how to shop from Japan, etc.

Ski Soldiers Recently arrived in Japan American soldiers.

GaiJinks Up to no good in Japan.

Skeptikai Defends science, Exposes pseudoscience, and discusses fascinating stories that go unnoticed elsewhere.

Nihongoichiban has over 800 posts about kanji, hiragana, katakana, grammar, vocabulary, fun etc. Updated daily.


Japan Blog List : July 2011 Updates

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Wow, it's been almost a year since I've taken over maintaining the list. So many new blogs, and also quite a few that have dropped by the wayside. Here's this month's selection of recently started blogs that have been submitted to the Japan Blog List.

A hundred views of Edo Enjoy Hiroshige's Ukiyoe, "A hundred Views of Edo". Makiko is going to visit the places where these Ukiyoe (woodblock printed) pictures were painted about 150 years ago in Tokyo and compare how those places look now. Text is both in English and Japanese.

Japanina's Food Corner Janina has been to Japan several times and is keen to share her Japanese recipes.

Beryl Pieces is intended to offer the Western reader glimpses into some lesser known aspects of parts of Asia, as well as into subjects connected to this region that are of interest to Beryl personally.

Lacquered Nothings A chronicle of the adventures of a Phoenician in Japan.

Life in Japan with Jason The continuing adventures of the Winter family in Yonago, Tottori Prefecture, Japan.

Ben Seab Japan + Tech . Life of an American engineer living in Tokyo.

Tokyo Restaurant Guide has a good selection of places reviewed for your dining pleasure.

Tokyo With Kids has got lots of useful links and posts about stuff for those with children.

Tokyo Travels Places to go, things to see in Tokyo.

Hello in Japanese is not a real blog I don't think, just a plug for language courses, but has a nice summary of the different ways of saying hello.

Through The Sapphire Sky hard to classify this one, but full of interesting arty things to reduce the stress in your life. Sapphire has been posting regularly since March 2009.

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Japan Blog List : June 2011 Updates

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Here's this month's selection of recently started blogs that have been submitted to the Japan Blog List

JapanEtc is a new blog started this month by Jasmin about the cool stuff in Japan.

Russian Senorita is written by a belly dancer teaching English in Southern Japan. She's documenting her life abroad.

Learn Japanese Adventure A blog on learning Japanese.

One Japanese Tetsuya Hatano's Blog
"One Japanese, one opinion. Nothing more, nothing less" is his tagline.

Goods Of Japan Jun started his blog this month because he wants to introduce Japanese cultures, customs, sights and goods for foreigners interested in Japan.

The Daily Paris from Paris Nakajima- Farran
A Japanese/Canadian writing about football, life and experiences. In Japanese and English.

Getting to Japan A Wanna be exchange student's blog.

Hello from Japan only 4 posts so far from Sakai-san.

Soulful Japan Describes itself as "focused on Japan as it has useful information about living and working in Japan, learning Japanese and etc. It also includes information about other Asian countries as well." But includes a featured post of Argentina and a section on the Caribbean! A professional looking blog, it seems to feature travel related posts from all over the world.

These blogs that have been running for a while and have been added to the list this month.

Hiragana Mama A bilingual mom trying to teach her kids Japanese while living in the United States.

Sigma 1 Intelligent political commentary on Japan from Corey in NZ.

Etceterata "Once a blog about art, but now more open to any social topic. Updated mostly when I feel like it." is how Owen describes his blog.

Gwynnie's Adventure Japan A welsh girl teaching English in Hamamatsu. She's been in Japan over a year and got a good collection of links to EFL teaching resources.

Whoa... I'm in Japan interesting stuff from Amanda in Tokyo, also teaching English.

Tales from East A variety of topics on Japanese subjects.

Tokyo Penguin from Matt in Seoul. He's a freelance journalist blogging about Tokyo and traveling in Japan and other countries.

Anime Maniacs from Julian in Melbourne. Over 8,000 followers on Facebook.

It's not just Mud Jamie quit his job to volunteer in Tohoku. Stories of the work he's doing.

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Japan Blog List : May 2011 Updates

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I'm a little late with this month's round-up of the new blogs that have been submitted for addition to the JapanBloglist. As usual I take the opportunity once a month to highlight blogs that have just been started. Only after they have been posting for at least three months, do they get added to the main list on the right hand side.

Tomochoco Life and Travel and Japan. Anna has started a blog this month with some good posts so far. She wants to inspire people to continue to visit Japan, despite the earthquake.

Vivian In Japan Vivian teaches English in Utsunomiya, and shares lots of photos of her life and travels in Japan.

We Blog in Japan is written by Marie and Dr Ben, a couple moving to Japan in September 2011. They have been preparing for three years and would like to share their preparations and their experiences once they arrive.

Stephen Crawford Urban postcards from a photographer in Fukuoka city.

Lens on Japan A photo blog from around japan.

We Love Kansai reviews and notes on things to do in the Kansai region.

Kaley In Japan Kaley has just started her blog and she thinks she is starting to find the "groove" of it. She has started the Problogger challenge to hone her blogging skills and make it a success. Kaley has big dreams for the blog and really wants to touch the lives of people.

Los Ojos de Ella Is in spanish, but you can use google to translate. There's plenty of content there since October 2011 and it must be popular since Fernán had 498 followers on facebook.

Osaka Bentures Saul has a social media based business and has asked, pleaded and demanded to be added to the list. I'm still not entirely sure what he does or what the theme of the blog is, but see what you think.

JapanAlicious : It's about the 'Gaijin Experience'. Going to Japan, learning Japanese and getting into adventures. Japanalicious is a new spaced repetition SRS app that is currently in development by Najaf in London. It's goal is to make reviewing Japanese sentences fun.

Humble Bunny Humble Bunny Design is an international firm based in Tokyo, run by American designer Nathan.

Lay Yin Living, Studying, Styling and Loving in Japan. Only 2 posts so far.

Like an Inoshishi A good start with one post in May, but none since....

These are some of the blogs added to the list month:

Samurai Shonan is a very cheeky little blog, lots of photos of the wild, the wacky and the sexy from Japan. (potentially NSFW.. depends where you work!)

The Japan Guy A wide selection of articles and posts about all things Japanese.

Freedom in Harmony From Alan Botsford,
Kamakura, Japan editor of Poetry Kanto, poet, author, professor. A quite prolific blogger since March 2011.

Okaasan and Me Home life with an elderly Japanese lady (Okaasan) who has to live with a not-so-sweet foreign daughter-in-law (Oyomesan). has been posting since 2008.


March and April have been another bumper time for new blogs. Here's the list of new or recently added blogs.

Cafe Japan setup this month is about Japan and its people.Writers from all over the world plan to look at various aspects of Japan’s culture, traditions, food, and lifestyle. They've started with Sushi, Sumo and Mangakissa.

Tokyo Writer Aimee Weinstein has some well written posts about Tokyo.

Geisha Interrupted has restarted blogging after a long intermission. She has worked as a nightclub hostess, a pre-school teacher and a Japanese-English translator. Currently she's an English tutor and a non-fiction author who is trying very, very hard to become a novelist.

JapanTastic Started this month with posts including items on: Handcrafted original concept watches, Misoka Toothbrush With A Nanomineral Coating , Ink-jet printing on traditional Japanese paper and Teddy Bears.

Coco Mino Life in Kawagoe. Some photos and snippets about life.

Nihongo-Pro Is the blog of a company offering online private lessons.

Spartan in Tokyo Has been posting since 2009. How to enjoy tokyo life without spending large amounts of money, from a man living a spartan lifestyle.

Tokyo Play The experiences of an Australian living in Tokyo. The best restaurants, food, fun, and tips on how to survive in one of the world's biggest cities. Sarah arrived in November 2010 and has been enjoying Tokyo life.

Kawai I love You from a young American lady who plans to document the quirky, cute, ephemeral etcetera around her in Fukuoka.

Daily Japanese Brian starting the blog in March and has been posting regularly with some hints and tips for learning Japanese.

Psycho Socks Impressions by an exchange student in Japan.

Después del Temblor is a blog in Spanish about the latest news about Japan after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, written by Lily, an Argentinian in Tokyo. It has useful info on donations, volunteering, radiation, etc.

Japan News Today A selection of news items, very heavy on the photos that makes the site slow to load.

MMM Fruit mmm... photos of Osaka and food. From Sharleen, a Californian girl who lives for food, photography, and crafting,
and who believes that there is no such thing as too cute.

Storm from the East A Web magazine from Richard Knobbs, a British writer, illustrator and designer working out of his Tokyo-based home studio. With original articles about design, branding and other topics, as well as the latest design, architecture, art and culture news.

Gus Goes East A UA Applied Linguistics graduate learns about his sister city in Japan.

Tiny Reactors nothing to do with the nuclear issue, a photo blog from Niihama, Ehime, Japan.

Funny Nippon News Some of the lighter news items from the Japanese press, translated by Kai.

Food Delica from Gourmet Sasha in Kyoto. A bilingual blog about food and eating from Kyoto, Japan and beyond. Restaurant reviews, recipes and plenty of photos.

Traveling TenguA culture and travel blog. Only started in April.

Life in Japan Japan Living and Earthquake advice from an English teacher in Aomori.

Toki doki tokyo Sometimes about Tokyo, sometimes elsewhere.

The Belly Chronicles A very personal blog on family life for a mum in Yokohama.

The list of resources about the earthquake is here and will be updated with any new information I get.

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Japan Blog List Updates

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I've been on holiday since the 13th March, the Sunday after the earthquake, ( Holiday was planned long in advance) so apologies for the lack of updates during these difficult times. Normal updates to the blog list will resume soon, I'll be updating this post with new and useful blogs and information as I go through the back log of submissions .

This one is very useful for latest updates in English on the transport situation in Kanto region :
Kanto Train Status

It is being translated by volunteers. Source Jorudan

Japan geigermap at-a-glance List of crowd sourced Geiger counters around the country.

Pachube Another site on Crowd sourced realtime radiation monitoring in Japan.

Japan Spark Relief Empowers communities & organizations to quickly share accurate information and provide relief during a disaster.

The Spark Relief team built and launched a housing site (web & mobile platform) for displaced Japan Quake victims to find temporary housing. It has gone live already, with a Japanese and English translation.

Within the first 4 hours, they had 50 community members offering housing not only in Japan, but various parts of the world. The team of volunteer developers built the entire web database platform within 3.5 days and it is up and taking off. reviewed on The 2:46 Quakebook project started with a tweet and is on the verge of something great. Led by Blogger, OurManInAbiko, a call went out across Twitter for contributors to create a book to raise funds for Red Cross Japan. The contributions in 2:46 Quakebook have come from a wide variety of sources, and include photographs, personal accounts, drawings; each telling their own tale. All revenues from sales of the book goes directly to Red Cross, Japan. On sale NOW. GET YOUR COPY HERE, spread the word .

Links to all JapanTimes stories on the event including links to many other resources, phone numbers and websites.

Foreign Volunteers Japan Has been setup to gather willing foreigners, who wish to do volunteer work at an appropriate time and when required in the wake of the disaster.

Knit For Japan Knitting charity to support victims of the Tohoku quake setup by Bernd Kestler. Every stitch can make a difference!

Write for Tohoku Another writing project has already got 30 contributions is should be published soon. All proceeds to Red Cross for survivors of the Quake.

Tohoku Quake multilingual support A non profit organisation established to support foreign victims of the quake. Hotlines and information available in English , 中文 ,한글 ,Português, Español, Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia, Tiếng Việt, ภาษาไทย ,「やさしい日本語」 日本語 .

Tsunami - Magnitude 9 a French initiative whereby drawings/paintings will be sold and profits sent to Give 2 Asia.

Modern Girl - Ways to help Japan An excellent list of ways to help.

Other fundraising activities for Quake survivors :

Help Japan Wiki Resources to aid Japan's earthquake relief, all in one place. Freely editable list of events and donation resources.

PlanetMOMEKO Prayers for Japan by the artist Yuko Adachi.

Three Lions and Wedding The Three Lions pub in Yokyohama is celebrating the Royal wedding with a fund raising event on April 29th 2011 from 6pm.

Shakin' it Back : Sunday 1st May at the 'What the Dickens' pub in Ebisu. Starts at 4:30 to 7:30pm, readers can are free to read their own poetry or perform music.

Run For Japan USA A 3.5 Km Fun Walk / 8Km Fun Run
Sunday, May 1 Race starts @8:30AM, Shoreline Park, Mountain View, CA. USA.

San Fran Chefs Unite On May 7th & 8th a line of top San Francisco chefs will create a meal you can’t get anywhere else. A 6 course Japanese inspired meal. All proceeds to Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California's Quake relief fund.

Volunteer options for people prepared to go the affected area and help in person :

All Hands has space for 20 people to stay in two locations in Rikuzentakata and Ofunato.

Other links from Japan Times Japan Pulse blog.

Please help pass on the links and let me know any others that can be useful.


Japan Blog List : Feb 2011

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February has been another busy month for submissions. The list has reached almost 300 blogs as of this evening and more come in every day. Here's my monthly round of the brand new blogs started this month :

Japan Travel Mate from Dean started recently and has got some good ideas on what to do when visiting Japan.

Best Way to Learn Japanese is dedicated to learning Japanese.

Ken Sanada Ken's just started this month, but has already put up good number of posts on News and trends about Japanese Drama, Movies, Actors and Actresses.

Tiny Plastic Food from Uiggu. She's a blonde Japanese-speaking girl living in Tokyo with her Japanese man. She said in her email she's become one of those really annoying people who take iPhone pics of EVERYTHING saying 'I have to blog this later'.

Japanese Gems Join Gemma as she navigates through her semester abroad in Hirakata.

Jimbo's Japan Jimbo lives in Oklahoma, loves Japan and is always studying Japanese.

My Life's Expedition Adventures, struggles and humorous anecdotes from Jill's life in Iizuka,Kyushu as en English teacher.

Only A Gaijin Just started in February with some observations on life as a Gaijin.

And here are some of the other already established blogs added this month :

Tokyo Trawler A 24 year-old Londoner, wandering around the streets of Tokyo with a camera, mic and a bloody big fishing net.

Iffy bizness JapaneseCultureGoNow! tokyo coin-locker headspace stuff by andrez bergen .

Fun Travel in Japan Japan has many wonderful destinations you should visit, tasty foods you should try, and pleasant people you should meet. Tomo and his wife provide you the real fun stuff with useful information and practical tips to make your trip in Japan more enjoyable.

In Praise of Izakaya expat denizen of Tokyo with a penchant for sparkly dining partners, jazz bars and izakaya.

Follow us on Twitter to see the blogs that get added on a regular basis and watch out for my round up of the months brand new blogs at the end of the month.


Japan Blog List : Jan 2011 update

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January has been another busy month for submissions of new blogs, and existing blogs being added to the list.

The headline news has to be Prime Minister Kan's English Blog. "Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan, blogs all entries himself, sending his message out to people all over the world." he proclaims. The blog started in November 2010 but he didn't send in a submission to be added to the bloglist, I had to find this out from from an item in the Japan times last week, but I am more than happy to help promote his blog. Interestingly you can't comment directly on his posts, but there is a form to submit comments.

Vegan Tomodachi is from Ingrid. It's subtitled : A Non-Vegan's Quest to Feed Her Friends in the Non-Vegan Friendly Rural Japan, and she's got a good collection of recipes to get you started.

Osaka Cerezo Has just started this month "It's all about Japan with the J-League and Cerezo Osaka, in the English Premier League with Spurs and anywhere the football takes us" he says. He's no doubt, celebrating Sunday evening's win by the Japanese team in the Asia world cup.

Riverside Nakameguro is new blog from Berleena. She's a passionate foodie from Australia and she's started the site as a guide for visitors and residents to the cafés, restaurants and bars hidden in the narrow side streets of Nakameguro, Tokyo.

Life in Kawagoe started in December by a local Japanese gentleman. He's been posting regularly about life in his city with an emphasis on the buildings and architecture.

Neko Blog Was also started in December and has a variety of posts about Anime, food and clothing.

The Diary of Robert Kodama Robert currently lives in London, but has got a job teaching English in Hitachiomiya starting next month.

To ward off Boredom Started by Shelby, a student at Temple university who blogs about his life here in Japan.

Japanapalooza offers "irreverent, bite-size portraits of life in Japan". (nice little review I just noticed from a Japan Blog Review today. )

Hello Nippon (Stacy Wahhh) Stacy loves all things Japanese and has already built up quite a following on her blog.

Blonde Zilla Japan Megs has just arrived in Japan and will be starting work in Zama on Feb 1st.

Insomniac Scribbles from Jamie is a personal blog about her life in Japan.

The staff at Machiya Residence Kyoto have started a blog which has photos and details of local attractions. It looks like an affordable and unusual accommodation option in Kyoto.

And here's a selection of blogs added to the bloglist this month that are been going for sometime:

Philip Brasor A regular contributor to the Japan times blogs about movies, books music and other items of interest.

Baltic Japan Seems to have been going for quite a while now and posts daily photos of Japan.

Visual Anthropology Of Japan Does what it says on the URL.

Taiko Skin All about Taiko drumming.

Hello Sandwich Is from an Australian artist and graphic designer living in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. "She loves Japan, bento boxes, pantone 107.3 and metallic hologram foil, polka dots and plaid, Holbein gouache and fluro pencils."

The Greg Irwin Blog He's an American Singer songwriter living in Japan, famous for translating and singing traditional Japanese songs known as Doyo into English.

Daily Onigiri Sent in their request over 18 months ago and I in my trawls through the inbox I finally found them.

I still need to review the 14 recent submissions from December to see how many of the bloggers have kept up the posting, but I wanted to get this update out today before the end of the month.

To keep up to date with the new blogs added to the JapanBlogList follow us on twitter or if you are not a big fan of twitter you can use it as an RSS feed, by adding this link to your favourite RSS reader.

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