January has been another busy month for submissions of new blogs, and existing blogs being added to the list.

The headline news has to be Prime Minister Kan's English Blog. "Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan, blogs all entries himself, sending his message out to people all over the world." he proclaims. The blog started in November 2010 but he didn't send in a submission to be added to the bloglist, I had to find this out from from an item in the Japan times last week, but I am more than happy to help promote his blog. Interestingly you can't comment directly on his posts, but there is a form to submit comments.

Vegan Tomodachi is from Ingrid. It's subtitled : A Non-Vegan's Quest to Feed Her Friends in the Non-Vegan Friendly Rural Japan, and she's got a good collection of recipes to get you started.

Osaka Cerezo Has just started this month "It's all about football...in Japan with the J-League and Cerezo Osaka, in the English Premier League with Spurs and anywhere the football takes us" he says. He's no doubt, celebrating Sunday evening's win by the Japanese team in the Asia world cup.

Riverside Nakameguro is new blog from Berleena. She's a passionate foodie from Australia and she's started the site as a guide for visitors and residents to the cafés, restaurants and bars hidden in the narrow side streets of Nakameguro, Tokyo.

Life in Kawagoe started in December by a local Japanese gentleman. He's been posting regularly about life in his city with an emphasis on the buildings and architecture.

Neko Blog Was also started in December and has a variety of posts about Anime, food and clothing.

The Diary of Robert Kodama Robert currently lives in London, but has got a job teaching English in Hitachiomiya starting next month.

To ward off Boredom Started by Shelby, a student at Temple university who blogs about his life here in Japan.

Japanapalooza offers "irreverent, bite-size portraits of life in Japan". (nice little review I just noticed from a Japan Blog Review today. )

Hello Nippon (Stacy Wahhh) Stacy loves all things Japanese and has already built up quite a following on her blog.

Blonde Zilla Japan Megs has just arrived in Japan and will be starting work in Zama on Feb 1st.

Insomniac Scribbles from Jamie is a personal blog about her life in Japan.

The staff at Machiya Residence Kyoto have started a blog which has photos and details of local attractions. It looks like an affordable and unusual accommodation option in Kyoto.

And here's a selection of blogs added to the bloglist this month that are been going for sometime:

Philip Brasor A regular contributor to the Japan times blogs about movies, books music and other items of interest.

Baltic Japan Seems to have been going for quite a while now and posts daily photos of Japan.

Visual Anthropology Of Japan Does what it says on the URL.

Taiko Skin All about Taiko drumming.

Hello Sandwich Is from an Australian artist and graphic designer living in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. "She loves Japan, bento boxes, pantone 107.3 and metallic hologram foil, polka dots and plaid, Holbein gouache and fluro pencils."

The Greg Irwin Blog He's an American Singer songwriter living in Japan, famous for translating and singing traditional Japanese songs known as Doyo into English.

Daily Onigiri Sent in their request over 18 months ago and I in my trawls through the inbox I finally found them.

I still need to review the 14 recent submissions from December to see how many of the bloggers have kept up the posting, but I wanted to get this update out today before the end of the month.

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