February has been another busy month for submissions. The list has reached almost 300 blogs as of this evening and more come in every day. Here's my monthly round of the brand new blogs started this month :

Japan Travel Mate from Dean started recently and has got some good ideas on what to do when visiting Japan.

Best Way to Learn Japanese is dedicated to learning Japanese.

Ken Sanada Ken's just started this month, but has already put up good number of posts on News and trends about Japanese Drama, Movies, Actors and Actresses.

Tiny Plastic Food from Uiggu. She's a blonde Japanese-speaking girl living in Tokyo with her Japanese man. She said in her email she's become one of those really annoying people who take iPhone pics of EVERYTHING saying 'I have to blog this later'.

Japanese Gems Join Gemma as she navigates through her semester abroad in Hirakata.

Jimbo's Japan Jimbo lives in Oklahoma, loves Japan and is always studying Japanese.

My Life's Expedition Adventures, struggles and humorous anecdotes from Jill's life in Iizuka,Kyushu as en English teacher.

Only A Gaijin Just started in February with some observations on life as a Gaijin.

And here are some of the other already established blogs added this month :

Tokyo Trawler A 24 year-old Londoner, wandering around the streets of Tokyo with a camera, mic and a bloody big fishing net.

Iffy bizness JapaneseCultureGoNow! tokyo coin-locker headspace stuff by andrez bergen .

Fun Travel in Japan Japan has many wonderful destinations you should visit, tasty foods you should try, and pleasant people you should meet. Tomo and his wife provide you the real fun stuff with useful information and practical tips to make your trip in Japan more enjoyable.

In Praise of Izakaya ..an expat denizen of Tokyo with a penchant for sparkly dining partners, jazz bars and izakaya.

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