March and April have been another bumper time for new blogs. Here's the list of new or recently added blogs.

Cafe Japan setup this month is about Japan and its people.Writers from all over the world plan to look at various aspects of Japan’s culture, traditions, food, and lifestyle. They've started with Sushi, Sumo and Mangakissa.

Tokyo Writer Aimee Weinstein has some well written posts about Tokyo.

Geisha Interrupted has restarted blogging after a long intermission. She has worked as a nightclub hostess, a pre-school teacher and a Japanese-English translator. Currently she's an English tutor and a non-fiction author who is trying very, very hard to become a novelist.

JapanTastic Started this month with posts including items on: Handcrafted original concept watches, Misoka Toothbrush With A Nanomineral Coating , Ink-jet printing on traditional Japanese paper and Teddy Bears.

Coco Mino Life in Kawagoe. Some photos and snippets about life.

Nihongo-Pro Is the blog of a company offering online private lessons.

Spartan in Tokyo Has been posting since 2009. How to enjoy tokyo life without spending large amounts of money, from a man living a spartan lifestyle.

Tokyo Play The experiences of an Australian living in Tokyo. The best restaurants, food, fun, and tips on how to survive in one of the world's biggest cities. Sarah arrived in November 2010 and has been enjoying Tokyo life.

Kawai I love You from a young American lady who plans to document the quirky, cute, ephemeral etcetera around her in Fukuoka.

Daily Japanese Brian starting the blog in March and has been posting regularly with some hints and tips for learning Japanese.

Psycho Socks Impressions by an exchange student in Japan.

Después del Temblor is a blog in Spanish about the latest news about Japan after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, written by Lily, an Argentinian in Tokyo. It has useful info on donations, volunteering, radiation, etc.

Japan News Today A selection of news items, very heavy on the photos that makes the site slow to load.

MMM Fruit mmm... photos of Osaka and food. From Sharleen, a Californian girl who lives for food, photography, and crafting,
and who believes that there is no such thing as too cute.

Storm from the East A Web magazine from Richard Knobbs, a British writer, illustrator and designer working out of his Tokyo-based home studio. With original articles about design, branding and other topics, as well as the latest design, architecture, art and culture news.

Gus Goes East A UA Applied Linguistics graduate learns about his sister city in Japan.

Tiny Reactors nothing to do with the nuclear issue, a photo blog from Niihama, Ehime, Japan.

Funny Nippon News Some of the lighter news items from the Japanese press, translated by Kai.

Food Delica from Gourmet Sasha in Kyoto. A bilingual blog about food and eating from Kyoto, Japan and beyond. Restaurant reviews, recipes and plenty of photos.

Traveling TenguA culture and travel blog. Only started in April.

Life in Japan Japan Living and Earthquake advice from an English teacher in Aomori.

Toki doki tokyo Sometimes about Tokyo, sometimes elsewhere.

The Belly Chronicles A very personal blog on family life for a mum in Yokohama.

The list of resources about the earthquake is here and will be updated with any new information I get.

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