I'm a little late with this month's round-up of the new blogs that have been submitted for addition to the JapanBloglist. As usual I take the opportunity once a month to highlight blogs that have just been started. Only after they have been posting for at least three months, do they get added to the main list on the right hand side.

Tomochoco Life and Travel and Japan. Anna has started a blog this month with some good posts so far. She wants to inspire people to continue to visit Japan, despite the earthquake.

Vivian In Japan Vivian teaches English in Utsunomiya, and shares lots of photos of her life and travels in Japan.

We Blog in Japan is written by Marie and Dr Ben, a couple moving to Japan in September 2011. They have been preparing for three years and would like to share their preparations and their experiences once they arrive.

Stephen Crawford Urban postcards from a photographer in Fukuoka city.

Lens on Japan A photo blog from around japan.

We Love Kansai reviews and notes on things to do in the Kansai region.

Kaley In Japan Kaley has just started her blog and she thinks she is starting to find the "groove" of it. She has started the Problogger challenge to hone her blogging skills and make it a success. Kaley has big dreams for the blog and really wants to touch the lives of people.

Los Ojos de Ella Is in spanish, but you can use google to translate. There's plenty of content there since October 2011 and it must be popular since Fernán had 498 followers on facebook.

Osaka Bentures Saul has a social media based business and has asked, pleaded and demanded to be added to the list. I'm still not entirely sure what he does or what the theme of the blog is, but see what you think.

JapanAlicious : It's about the 'Gaijin Experience'. Going to Japan, learning Japanese and getting into adventures. Japanalicious is a new spaced repetition SRS app that is currently in development by Najaf in London. It's goal is to make reviewing Japanese sentences fun.

Humble Bunny Humble Bunny Design is an international firm based in Tokyo, run by American designer Nathan.

Lay Yin Living, Studying, Styling and Loving in Japan. Only 2 posts so far.

Like an Inoshishi A good start with one post in May, but none since....

These are some of the blogs added to the list month:

Samurai Shonan is a very cheeky little blog, lots of photos of the wild, the wacky and the sexy from Japan. (potentially NSFW.. depends where you work!)

The Japan Guy A wide selection of articles and posts about all things Japanese.

Freedom in Harmony From Alan Botsford,
Kamakura, Japan editor of Poetry Kanto, poet, author, professor. A quite prolific blogger since March 2011.

Okaasan and Me Home life with an elderly Japanese lady (Okaasan) who has to live with a not-so-sweet foreign daughter-in-law (Oyomesan). has been posting since 2008.