Wow, it's been almost a year since I've taken over maintaining the list. So many new blogs, and also quite a few that have dropped by the wayside. Here's this month's selection of recently started blogs that have been submitted to the Japan Blog List.

A hundred views of Edo Enjoy Hiroshige's Ukiyoe, "A hundred Views of Edo". Makiko is going to visit the places where these Ukiyoe (woodblock printed) pictures were painted about 150 years ago in Tokyo and compare how those places look now. Text is both in English and Japanese.

Japanina's Food Corner Janina has been to Japan several times and is keen to share her Japanese recipes.

Beryl Pieces is intended to offer the Western reader glimpses into some lesser known aspects of parts of Asia, as well as into subjects connected to this region that are of interest to Beryl personally.

Lacquered Nothings A chronicle of the adventures of a Phoenician in Japan.

Life in Japan with Jason The continuing adventures of the Winter family in Yonago, Tottori Prefecture, Japan.

Ben Seab Japan + Tech . Life of an American engineer living in Tokyo.

Tokyo Restaurant Guide has a good selection of places reviewed for your dining pleasure.

Tokyo With Kids has got lots of useful links and posts about stuff for those with children.

Tokyo Travels Places to go, things to see in Tokyo.

Hello in Japanese is not a real blog I don't think, just a plug for language courses, but has a nice summary of the different ways of saying hello.

Through The Sapphire Sky hard to classify this one, but full of interesting arty things to reduce the stress in your life. Sapphire has been posting regularly since March 2009.

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