Here's the round up of new blogs submitted to JapanBlogList over the past two months.

Prime Minister Noda's English Blog A new Prime Minister, a new blog.

Travel Volunteerblog Katie & Jamie from the UK will visit all of Japan’s 47 prefectures and share their impressions until Dec 24th, having won a competition organised by a Japanese travel agency to promote tourism in Japan.

Eating Okinawa Kelly describes it as: "a blog about eating, making and buying food in Okinawa...but also a bit further afield as well."

June in Japan Written by a Zen Buddhist Nun about her experiences volunteering in Tohoku, with many people's stories and photos of area.

Japan Movie Review Promising looking blog of reviews of Japanese movies watched by the author.

Itsumo Japan about Japanese art, culture, language, travel, food and shopping, from a lady in Leeds.

Japon Blog Japanese things, in Spanish.

Tres Semanas en Japon Three weeks travelling around Japan on a 3600Y/day budget from Enzo, also in Spanish.

Short Small Sweet The adventures of a little dimpled girl living and working in the smallest prefecture of Japan. (Tottori).

iNanban Photo blog from Osaka and Tokyo.

East Meets West Japanese Mum, raising her children in America.

No Puri No Life! All things related to purikura:news, reviews and everything else. (that's 'cute photo stickers' that you take of yourself, if you, like me, were not aware of the term)

Guillaume Erard Life in Japan and Aikido resources.

Mochi Gashi About Japan and other related things. from a Japanese sweet lover.

Go Japanese They promise regular articles about Japanese cuisine, Japanese culture and important tips on places to visit in Japan.

Buoyancy in Japan Tokyo strolling from Qwerky.

The Stray Samurai Suzuki-san promises Japanese culture, trends, fashion, manga and gadgets.

Japan Survivor Bits and pieces from Ann.

Matt G Matt is a mech.eng. student arriving in Sendai very soon. He's hoping to make weekly posts about what it is like living and going to school in Sendai, along with whatever cultural information he can give.

Japan Life Trifles Day to day trifles on a family life in Japan.

Aprilus 20 Anime and movie reviews.

Perihele Osaka photo journal.

J Market Blog JMarket is an online marketplace offering Japanese products to individuals who lives outside Japan. Their blog has topics like Japanese culture, Japanese products, tips on how to shop from Japan, etc.

Ski Soldiers Recently arrived in Japan American soldiers.

GaiJinks Up to no good in Japan.

Skeptikai Defends science, Exposes pseudoscience, and discusses fascinating stories that go unnoticed elsewhere.

Nihongoichiban has over 800 posts about kanji, hiragana, katakana, grammar, vocabulary, fun etc. Updated daily.