Here's this months selection of new blogs that have been submitted to the Japan Blog List

Tokyo Podcast started in August by Anthony, he's been producing weekly podcasts on subjects including 'Moving to Japan', Typhoon Roke, and Freelancing in Japan.

Kunisaki Introducing Kunisaki-shi. A city in Oita prefecture, Japan. "Ignore what Wikipedia says, this is truly the countryside of Japan, it's rural, and it is prime tourist / intrepid traveller territory." claims Alex.

Life in the land of Wa from Dustin and Laura. One family's adventures in Japan and everywhere in between.

Warai-banashi True stories of life in Tokyo.

Dream of Nippon KneeCap is a 27 year old wannabe student in Finland. He is so keen to come to Japan for his honeymoon with his wife that he is prepared to have a sponsored tatoo. So if you'd like to advertise on a Finnish student's shoulder please check him out.

Miisheru Currently in England, but hoping to get over to Japan some time.

Life of a Foreign Hachikin Describes herself as "Just a Chicago girl living in the countryside of Shikoku, Japan. Taking a bit of time living "the slow life," teaching English, and learning about being a foreign hachiken. I write about my daily life in Japan, the music scene around shikoku, and trying to desperately cling to inspiration for my photography."

Kangaroos and Kappas Language, Life , 日本語で post , Derricious Foodz and Japanese Mini Lessons from Daniel.

Tacos with Chopsticks Stylish photos and stories on things to do and places to go, from two Gaijins living in Yokohama.

Learn Japanese Fast Not really a blog, just an advert for some Japanese lessons, but could be of interest, I'm almost tempted to try the course for $99.

The Beautiful Home CompanyInspirational Images and Observations by an English Interior Stylist living in Japan.

Imagine Blog Imagine blog from Imagination Ink Studio & Study . Information and musings from the staff and students in Hamamatsu.

The Last Nan Ban JinThe Last Portuguese Man In Kyushu, Southwest Japan, since June 2008. In Portuguese.

Greglane his personal blog on web tech and other stuff in Japan.

And, if this list on the right hand side is not enough, please head on over to a fairly new site the JapanBlogDirectory. They've got a growing list of Japan themed blogs including quite a few that have not been submitted here!

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