This month's collection of new blogs submitted to the Japan Blog List.

Half/Rife from a Hafu.

The Weekly Japan Blog Sophie, in the UK posts every week about Japanese things.

Hokkaido Kanpai Stories and pictures from Hokkaido by Allie.

From Oxford to Japan from Mona, who's in Oxford and wants to come to Japan.

Naruhodo Steffen describes it as 'A blog mostly about Japanese culture and history, but the idea is that I can post anything that is related to Japan. There is not that many posts yet, but I aim to post a minimum of one post a week, most likely more.' I particularly like the post on a Japanese farting competition on an old scroll.

Travel Japan from Brad Maloney, who's just moved to Japan to teach English.

Big Sushi, Little fishes. from a suburb on the western edge of Tokyo, roughly halfway between the mountains of Okutama and the neon canyonlands of Shinujuku and downtown Tokyo.

Move over Godzilla, Taking on Tokyo Living, working and playing in Tokyo. Travels, daily discoveries and other interesting things from a koto playing

Tips for Brits in Tokyo Alex has just started a blog with some useful tips if you are British on where to buy stuff.

The Weeaboo describes itself as an oasis for otakus and Weeaboos. I'm guessing that if you know what a Weeaboo is then this site will be for you.

Me and My Man in Japan Elaine has just moved to Okinawa with her husband. Follow her adventures as she gets to know life in Japan.

The blog of Snobs from Daphne, a Japanese girl improving her English.

Learning Japanese thru pictures A picture a day to introduce a simple phrase or word of Japanese.

Adrienne in Japan Adrienne went on an exchange trip to Japan during university, and has just came back to Japan after finishing her course in applied linguistics. She teaches EFL and I loves it. This is her story.

Japan Our Dream Tia and her fiance have a dream to come and work in Japan. This is their story.