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Japan Blog List Nov 2012 Updates

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It's the end of the month and here's the latest round up of new blogs that have just started, or blogs that have been going for a while and only just been submitted and added to the main JapanBlogList

Japan as I find it A blog about a twenty-something Irish girl and her experiences of life in Tokyo, Japan. Ciara recently arrived back in Japan and is keen to share all that's good and bad about living and working in Japan.

Japanese Snacks and Candy Gallery is presented by Hiro, who includes a short video sections of herself tasting Japanese snacks and candy.

Food & Travels in Japan - Reports from Nasu Tak's life in Nasu with stories on travel, food and music.

Aus Products is blog of a small company, run by an Australian inventor living in Japan.

Purple Pen in Japan She's a teacher by profession and likes to share information with others.

Duc Su - Far from Home Duc Su lives in Japan and flies model helicopters.

Some Cat from Japan Judith is in her 20s, teaches english, married and has been blogging about food and and life in general in Japan since Sep 2011.


Japan Blog List Oct 2012 Updates

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It's the end of the month and here's the latest round up of new blogs that have just started, or blogs that have been going for a while and only just been submitted and added to the main JapanBlogList

TokyoHometown Is put together by long-term Tokyo residents who know the city well and enjoy writing about and photographing the city's joyous quirks. There's good advice here on how to navigate the city, how to discover places that you will want to tell others about, and how to live here fully aware of what's going on around you.

Japanese Design Magdalene, a Polish graphic designer, presents Japan graphic design, including visual identity, posters, typography, illustrations, webdesign, as well as architecture, fashion or examples from the history of design. ( in English and Polish). wants to be your tour guide on Japanese culture, subculture, music, movies and news. They work around the clock to bring you the latest news regarding everything and anything Japan related. They focus on trends, music, style, pop-culture, anime, dramas, cinema, technology, subculture and other general news.

Poppin' Kitchen from Kumiko. She promises to post a new Japanese recipe every day.

usolee Kenji's an ALT with some artist ideas with photos and video entries.

Lunch Break Japan An English teacher shares the details of school lunches she is obliged to eat with the children. Recipes and interesting food finds from Tokyo and Saitama too.

Sneak in Japan Lee subtitles it 'Yet another boring blog, mainly about Kendo, but also in general about my visit to Japan. Enjoy ;)' which is an unusual way of trying to attract readers.

Onsen Addict If you need, love, or are curious about hot springs, this is the blog for you: steamy photographs (no porn), hot explanations rippling with the bare truth of Japanese hot springs and Japanese culture, and unbiased reviews. Step into the blog, and wet your toes, your whole body, your mind, your soul, and your computer .

Crystal's Colourful world her blog blog is mainly about food. She reviews restaurants in Japan also overseas.

This must be the place Japanese things from a lady in Japan books, movies, restaurants, vacations and things.

Of course blogs get deleted from the JapanBlogList too. A special vote thanks goes to Jeffrey, a reader who regularly keeps me informed of blogs that have stopped updating, or simply disappeared such as: 'Japan It up', 'Spartan in Tokyo', 'Scenic from Afar', 'Storm from the east', 'Tacos with chopsticks', 'Picture Japan' and many more. If I notice blogs have not posted in the last six months then I remove them, no notice or warning. If you spot any dead links please do let me know by dropping me a line at JapanBlogList[AT]gmail[dot].


It's the end of the month and here's the latest round up of new blogs that have just started, or blogs that have been going for a while and only just been submitted and added to the main

London to Yasuoka Jovana is documenting her experiences in the small village of Yasuoka not only for friends and family but also for prospective JETs looking for information about the Programme.

Food for Life Dar is passionate about cooking and eating.Introducing homemade Shan,Japanese and Asian recipes is her first priority.

Mums and Kids Japan Advice about living in Japan, especially for mums and kids. Tips to make your life with children more enjoyable.

A walk in Japan Through blog entries, photos, and videos, A Walk in Japan provides information on culture, food, travel, and the JET Program. He's hoping to provide helpful information for tourists and JET applicants.

Life in Japan with toddlers Life in Saitama Japan with toddlers, regular updates on all things children related.

Rude Boy Abroad featuring journal-style entries about daily life, occasional critical analysis, and observations on topics such as language-learning, survival in a foreign culture, and all the things that make Japan a great country.

Gaijin Go Japan Every post at GaijinGoJapan is geolocated : Latitude, longitude, prefecture, city and district is tagged. Sign up and share your own photos of places of interest too.

Big in Japan Ashley lives in Miyagi and working at British Hills with her husband. She's been posting about their adventures since Aug 2011.

Candy Kawaii Lover Ashley Dy is a Japanese street style photographer & style blogger. She's into knitting and making her own clothes, Dior lingerie, decapitated barbie dolls and The Virgin Suicides.

Vipin Shankhar Vipin is student of Life and Life Sciences at Mie University. He's interested in traveling the world (worlds), and trying hard to make those travels an eternal memory. Photographs, videos, and the pen come to his aid.

Four seasons in Japan Ichinen lives in Yokohama and likes making Japanese confectionery, fancywork using Japanese cloth and handicrafts. Lots of photos of the things and places to see.

Marienni Tracey has traveled all her life and currently lives in Japan. She writes about beauty, food, Japan, and points of interest in her life. But, it may be a little too early to narrow it down, this blog is just beginning.

Mia and Lola go on various adventures throughout Tokyo and beyond. The perfect mix of spicy and sweet.. hey! Go over and join them at Mia xox Lola for photos, fashion and cute girls. (in English and Japanese)

Sequins and Cherry Blossom Fran blogs about Japan-related events in her home town of London, interspersed with Japanese cultural titbits. It's for Londoners and anyone else who's interested in Japan or London or both.

My Big Apple NY is brought you by Sawako Yasuda, a financial writer from Kobe, Japan. She is sharing her views, stories, experiences in NYC. Find out the taste of the Big Apple with her. (in English and Japanese)

Japan Trip


This is a double issue update of all the new blogs submitted to the Japan Blog List in the past couple of months.

Conquering Japan and Beyond Justin is a JET in Takamatsu.

Angry Gaijin Will be writing about her personal experiences as a former JET and current ALT working in Kyushu. Dealing with culture shock in Japan plus food, language, anime, history and more.

Tadaimatte Japan Ash lived in Japan and has now returned to Toronto.

A walk in Japan What it's like to be a JET in Awaji. Stephen has just arrived in Japan and hopes his blog will provide information on culture, food, travel, and helpful information for tourists and JET applicants.

An intern in Japan Amanda has just arrived. lots of Japan related stories.

Registered Alien He's been here quite a while and has plenty to say on Life in Japan.

Food Science Japan He is interested in the Japanese food industry. Most of his posts follow new products, marketing and the
science behind these products.

Colors of Tokyo Her blog started in 2006, It has developed through the years into a photo journal, recipe book, and travel log. She's been in Japan since the start of the year.

Theresaurus Life in Japan from Theresa.

London To Yasuoka Jovana has completed all the formalities and arrived in Japan in July to start on the JET program.

Children of the Occupation Walter Hamilton, journalist, author and Tokyo correspondent for Australia Broadcasting Corp in 1980's has been putting together information on 150 people born in or near Kure in Hiroshima prefecture with Australian, American, British, Indian or New Zealander fathers. The website, book and blog aims to make the subject of fatherless mixed race children familiar to a wider audience.

Challenge Japanese Stephen is aiming to learn basic Japanese in three months. follow his challenge.

Yakuza Watch blog will be news based, include non-news topics like movie and book reviews. He's currently writing a series of books following the life of a yakuza gangster called "Yakuza Dynasty." They will be published as e-books in the near future.

Japanese Through Anime He claims learning Japanese from Anime really is possible and if you stick around his website long enough you'll soon find out how.

The JPN Journal Photos and stories from around Japan.

Rants and Raves on the Journey to the land of the Rising Sun Armand is a South-African in Brussels aiming to travel to Japan for a few years. He likes traveling and food.

Sydney Loose In Japan She's just arrived in Tokyo and loving it.

Ikimasho He's just a wee guy living in Tokyo who likes travelling, ramen, electronic music, punk rock, BMX, drawing, art, writing, cute stuff, quirky stuff and everything in between.

Japan Trip Blog A newly married couple decided to shoot some interesting moments of their trip to Japan. 5 episodes so far.

Espelancer Chronicles from a Navy guy studying at the Yamasa Institute in Okazaki for a month.

JaPonPon from a Spanish blogger in Japan.

Japan! Japan! Food and much more from Ron.

Vidasemvoltas from a Portugese blogger and keen sports fan in Japan.


Japan Blog List May 2012 Updates

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It's the end of the month and here's the latest round up of new blogs that have just started, or blogs that have been going for a while and only just been submitted and added to the main

Japan Loves Me "We Love Japan, so Share". Entertainment, Politics, Tech, Videos, What's hot and more news stories on Japan.

Life in Rural Japan Jo lives in a small town in southern Japan. She lives with her two children and Japanese husband and is learning more everyday about the world of Japanese agriculture and culture. She's been blogging consistently since 2006.

Lost in Translation Vivian is a Fashion writer in Tokyo.

Anicoma Diary Chow Qing from Malaysia. Potrays her journey in life as an otaku, a student and a Malaysian girl.

Made in Matsue Events,happenings, memories, food, drinks, crafts, dreams, impressions, ideas, everything & anything. All made in Matsue.

Tokyo Green Space Jared Braiterman is a design anthropologist living in Tokyo. He takes photographs and writes about nature in the world's biggest city. ( as mentioned in Japan times )

So Kyoto Starting March 1st 2012, Kyoto will be her home town for five months. Making her 'castle' at a tiny apartment in a charming neighborhood near Kyoto Imperial Palace. She's trying to squeeze as much culture and tradition as possible in these months. And a very good job she's done so far.

Life in the Land of the Rising Sun Kate is Cooking, traveling and photographing her way through life in Japan.

Diverse Japan is a dynamic and exciting blog created by writer Spencer Lloyd Peet and features articles, interviews and reviews on all aspects of Japanese culture, including art & entertainment, martial arts, food & drink and travel. It has contributions from many experts within various fields of Japan culture including authors, musicians and business persons sharing their knowledge and passions.

Wings 'n Things Birds and wildlife from Fukuoka. since Aug 2011.

A blog from West Tokyo Photos and cooking from West Tokyo.

Amanda Japanda Amanda has been learning Japanese for four years and has now started sharing her progress.

Mari Nori Sisters in Tokyo sharing their Fashion interests in English and Japanese. since Nov 2011.

Morning Musubi Adam is half Japanese and he hope with his website is to create a community large enough to really push each other and help everyone along there journey to learn this crazy language we call Japanese. The main feature of his site is the Weekly Challenge. A place where readers have a task with a deadline to help learners motivate themselves.

Return to Tokyo Laura is back in Tokyo and writing about all her new experiences and the usual crazy stuff.

Without my Diary Cassie's travelblog an infoblog for anyone interested in travelling to Japan, or working as an English ALT in Japan. Lots of detail of life as in Mitoyo, Kagawa on the island of Shikoku since she started in Jan 2012.

日本で... ( In Japan) Sydney is on his way to Japan for a month.


Japan Blog List: April 2012 Updates

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It's the end of the month and here's the latest round up of new blogs that have just started, or blogs that have been going for a while and only just been submitted and added to the main

Tokyo Cheapo Dedicated to giving the best advice for making your yen go further when visiting or living in Tokyo. They cover everything from where to find the cheapest orange juice to finding cheap virtual offices.

Russell Jenkins Stoop Files Russell photographs mostly natural subjects in Japan and Australia.

Japan Let's Go "A Renaissance man, hoping to be" He left home to search for knowledge free. This is his story, his fight, go follow him.

The Japan Rants from a Japan lover who says his posts are meant to be a source of entertainment, and perhaps give a person or two something to relate to. Some of his posts will be just for laughs, and some will be a little deeper.

Dru's Misadventures and travels, mostly in Japan.

Kenji's Epic Journey A look into the life of a Japanese University student. Kenji is an American National living Japan for the past 3 years now. He goes to Doshisha University and is studying Global Communications.

Touching Sounds of hands A Japanese deaf woman living in the United States, and talking about the deaf japanese people's live, Japanese Culture, deaf culture and sign language. (in English and Japanese)

A Gaijin in Japan A variety of posts on good stuff in Japan mostly Tokyo in English and French.

Is this really a good idea? Richard, a British English teacher in Japan. It's all about Japan, and teaching, and food, and culture, and stuff like that.

BakaPad For anyone who has an interest in games, Japan or anything in between! Their goal is to provide lots of fun gaming and Japan related content by posting all kinds of weird and wonderful entries. They live and breathe gaming and Japanese culture, so we hope to be a platform for like-minded people to interact with each other.

Bizarre Culture of Japan Step right up, japanese Otaku, Find out weird japanese culture here.

The GayBot Times A blog mostly about Japan and stuff.

Alishan on the Move Adventures and daily life of the crew of sy Alishan (Taswell 43). At present based in Fukuoka, Japan.

Asian Lifestyle Design sharing practical tips on interior design, Feng Shui, Asian culture, superstitions, customs, food and family lifestyles.

Ultimate parking I've not really understood this one. Something about photos of people parking..?

AaaoMori Felicia promises to introduce bits and pieces of something interesting, beautiful, yummy, funny, great and exciting in Aomori.

Cool Japan Would like to introduce Japanese culture to you.

Advanced Japanese For Beginners Japanese linguistic trivia.

Cooori Blog A new website for a new way of learning Japanese. Cooori is a Japanese language learning software company dedicated to improve language learning. Combining cutting edge computer technology with the most recent and reliable scientific knowledge in the fields of brain research, cognitive psychology to produce a revolutionary method for learning languages online.


Japan Blog List : Mar 2012 Updates

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This months blogs added to the Japan Blog List

Marina's Tokyo Cafe Marina writes about her life in Tokyo, Japanese Culture and she features recipes and videos from her Japanese Kitchen.

The Japan Bucket List Lucy, being an obsessive-compulsive sort of person, and also a fanatic of bucket lists, thought it would be fun to set herself some challenges to encourage herself to experience Japan when she arrives in March.

Me A Cranberry Ale Trying hard baker-photographer-gardener, seamstress, Wife, mother, and home-maker from the Philippines currently living in Toyoyama Town, Aichi Prefecture.

The Pudcasts Rachel and Laura: Two foodies currently baking, grilling, stewing, saute-ing, BBQ-ing and icing their way through life in Japan.

Love Hate Bake Ella and Shana are cupcake enthusiasts, cafe nerds, and lovers of good design and good food. They want to share some of the things they love from Tokyo and around the world, including interviews with chefs, bloggers, baristas, DJs, recipes of their own, cafe and restaurant guides, product reviews and much much more, with a big dollop of creamy cupcake lovin’, ‘cause that’s their kind of thing.

All About Japanese Food Kiyomi graduated Tsuji Culinary School majoring in Japanese cuisine. She's blogging about Japanese cooking because "Japanese food is not just SUSHI or TEMPURA, there are many home cooking meals that are healthy and tasty". She's eager to become your Japanese Food Guide.

Sin Tonic She's currently studying Modern Japanese Studies in Germany. She'll be posting about daily life and videogames.

Japanologically She works for Interac as an ALT in Nagaizumi-cho in Shizuoka prefecture. She teaches exclusively at elementary schools and is enjoying every second of her crazy little adventure!

Around Tokyo was started in Sep 2011. Their idea was to create a site that would give tourists and travellers to Tokyo a fairly broad range of ideas of what is on offer here.

Not here for Green Tea and Onsens Stories and tips from surviving and hustling in Tokyo, from John LaTorre: Writer and Experienced Former Drunk.

Grinning Studio Run by a gentleman who calls himself Grin he describes his site :'I am looking for talented people in Japan that want to promote their hobby, or creative project to the English speaking community. I am the producer of the free podcast, and blog all about Music, arts, and entertainment in Japan. If you have a hobby, project, creative product, and some form of media I can link to such as a blog, website, order page, podcast, art portfolio, or the like, and you live in Japan please contact me to see how I can promote you for free.' . And so I did, and Steve interviewed me about JapanBlogList for his Podcast. Listen to our conversation here at Interview with Jonathan Allen Webmaster of JapanBlogList. He has also started a Facebook Group Japan Bloggers.

Cajun Gaijin Adam is a Cajun from Louisiana who’s moving to Japan to teach English. He’ll be chronicling hist adventures after he arrives in May.

Urban Postcards : Steven Crawford is a British lifestyle and editorial photographer living in Fukuoka City Japan.

Tokyo Excess Focused on Japanese pop culture, Japanese collectible culture, anime, science fiction, gadgets, some travel, and other interesting things.

Gurepufurutsu Means Grapefruit Chronicles Kelly's culinary adventures in Japan. Food, travel and recommendations.

Girl and Kat British astrophysicist who has recently moved to Japan with her cat.

Japanese Names Claims to be "The ultimate boys and girls Japanese names list with meanings in English." It's now newly updated for 2012.

My Japanese Language learning journal is, not surprisingly, about learning Japanese.

Six Days in Chiba A lot more interesting than the name sounds. 'Centipede is a jack of all trades, and an aspiring translator/game designer/ bum... He is also an avid gamer, anime fan, and self styled movie critic.'

Come Along to Japan Climbing Mount Fuji, zen-meditating in Matsushima, meeting robot Mickey Monroe in Sendai, petting a blue-eyed deer in Miyajima... Anni spent a month traveling through Japan, and turns out, it was the best time of her life.
Kiwi Vanilla Kinda weird pretty girl - that's her! She says she's a nutcase, but she's cute. She's a 20 year old from Argentina, who is pleased to meet you. Please enjoy her awesome blog of awesomeness.


Japan Blog List : Feb 2012 Updates

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Here's this months round up of blogs added to the Japan Blog List

The Girl in Translation Jess is about to arrive in Japan for a one year adventure.

Follow Noah Noah has already done some long distance walking the Tokaido from Kyoto to Tokyo in 2011 and he is planning another trip in 2012. The route will be from Hiroshima through Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, along the Nakasendo to Tokyoto follow the legacy of and to search for the modern day locations of Hiroshige's paintings: The 69 Stations of the Kiso-Kaido. He'll be filming interviews and posting videos of his trip as he goes.

British Extract Kim is moving to Japan in March 2012 from England. She'll be volunteering in Takarazuka, working with the disabled and she's going to be keeping a blog about her daily life, differences in culture, fashion, etc, pretty much anything that is different or interesting from life in England.

Hokkaido Bandhunt Emilio and his friends have recently started interviewing bands in Hokkaido for their new blog. They will be updating once a month with new bands. All of their interviews are in English but they are planning on posting translations too.

Just us in Japan This is the story of three adults, two children and two dogs stationed in Japan.

Beacon Reports Bottom line tips for residents of Japan from Richard. Categories include :Legal and Taxation, Lifestyle and Culture, Personal Finance and Real Estate.

Amanda in Japan She's been in Japan since 2007, she says 'Being in Japan has taught me how to live.' read her story.

Japan Law Geek Offers an analysis of legal and political developments in Japan.

Japan Glimpsed Glimpses of Japan from Brian.

Haecceity: Lexi Chronicles Haecceity is the personal blog of Lexi, a twenty-something Pacific Northwest native with an English degree and a love of Japan. Here you will find assorted tales of international [mis]adventure alongside travel photos, opinion editorials, and anecdotes from the life of a devout wanderer.

Aussie on the Izu Sarah arrived in Japan just after the quake last year on the JET program. She's trying to set up a reasonably successful blog about Japan. (her words not mine!)

Life in and Life After Ariake Aggie was in Japan on the JET program, but now back home.

With Love from Japan Eustacia is going to study in Japan for 5 years under the Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Undergraduate scholarship. Follow her progress here.

The Only Blonde in Osaka is self described as: '21 year old blonde Kiwi seeks fame and fortune via pretentious and gimmicky travel blog that will inevitably discuss mundane observations of an exchange student's everyday life in Osaka, Japan, with a special focus on Japanese toilets.' started last week.

Japanese Odds and Ends proclaims "Is directed at a somewhat troubled audience and tries to fill the gap between those levels of Japanese for which there are plenty of learning materials."

This is How She Fight Start Hard to summarise this one, but some interesting and well written items on observations on life in Japan from Kure Kamo.

Far Away Blog Kevin is in Kobe, he's been teaching in Asia and is about to publish an E-Book on his experiences.

IroMegane describes itself thus: "Iromegane is the key to understand real Japanese society, culture and people. Japanese products are everywhere around us but Japanese people are barely known. They might be mysterious and strange for you but WHY? Iromegane helps you to fill your curiosity." They been posting since Feb 2011.

Handshakes and Hellos Paulo is a BBOY hailing from San Diego, California & is currently living in Sapporo, Hokkaido teaching English to the little kiddos. Amongst the many scenic photographs he posts of urban Sapporo, you'll also maybe surprised to discover random video clips of him breakdancing in his tiny Japanese apartment & possibly other parts of the city.

Travel in Nihon He's keen to travel all over Japan to areas ranging from Okinawa to Hokkaido and everything in between and he plans to capture as much as a person can.

Japan Travel Cafe Richard's website is devoted to living and traveling in Japan. He'll be posting observations, notes, photos and sketches. He says "This is not your typical travel website, this is my digital travel journal."

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I took a Christmas break so here's a double helping of blogs submitted to the Japan Blog List since the start of December 2011.

47 Japanese Farms 47 Farms is a three and a half year project examining Japanese agriculture through interviews and working farm stays with farmers and community leaders in each of Japan`s 47 prefectural entities. Written by two Americans living in Tokyo on a work assignment.

Life In Japan Life as a comic book from Victor.

The Mad Poppet Japan news, product reviews, and special segments like the Japanese Word of the Day, and StumbleUpon Japan from Dan in NY.

Monkey Man in Japan Subtitled "Obnoxious Opinions on Almost Anything, and Damn Proud Of It" Ryu is keen to share his experiences of Japan with the rest of the world; Help others understand more about Japanese culture and write weekly posts explaining the etymology of Kanji and useful Idioms. He's been busy since the start of Jan 2012.

Chuckzilla Eats Tokyo Chuck is a Canadian living in Tokyo, teaching at an International School.

Seiso Hime Dedicated to exploring the more feminine styles of Japanese fashion, particularly a simplistic, elegant style called Seiso.

Mottainai Kelly says 'mottainai' ("what a waste") it would be if she didn't share with others the knowledge of Japan she's gained through her experience of living here.

More Things Japanese is based on the book 'Things Japanese' written by Basil Hall Chamberlain in the 1900′s. It was a collection of articles on varying aspects of Japanese life and culture. More Things Japanese hopes to follow along in his footsteps, but for today’s world. from Benjamin in Okinawa.

Toujin no Negoto The observations and things that interest Izzy around Japan.

Japanonomics will analyze both the micro and macro economics of Japan and the Japanese people. Understanding an economy as complex and diverse as Japans requires looking beyond vanilla economic indicators and government statistics.

Susie Somewhere She's somewhere in Sendai supposedly teaching English so she says.

Red Headed Gaijin Zoe is hoping to leave England and come to either Japan or Korea.

With Aloha from Japan Shannon has just moved to Yokosuka and has subtitled her blog Confessions, thoughts and adventures of a local girl (and her husband) living in Japan.

With Eyes Wide Open The Damiano family are arriving in Yokohama very soon to teach English.

Zooming Japan from a German lady who has been in Japan since 2008 traveling, taking photos, studying Japanese, good food, Japanese dramas, castles, cats and taiko.

Hokkaido Kudasai Pamela has just moved from North Carolina to Hokkaido with her husband and is enjoying the snow in a new country.

Yamagata Man from Chris on the JET program in Yamagata.

Kamigata Rakugo and Me A Happy Bilingual Blog about Comic Storytelling and Life in Osaka, from Matthew.

Dave's Japan Diary A day-to-day, true to life drama of a Jamaican male, living and working in Japan. he's been blogging regularly since March 2008.

I Love Kanji is a Japanese writing learning site.

Kasukachan Kasuka is posting everyday about her Japanese learning experience.

Japanese Rule of 7 Subtitled "Knowledge for your brain about Japan." Ken covers Life in Japan, Working in Japan, and Learning Japanese.

Lets Japan Mark has been in Tokyo since 1993. "You’ll find a variety of inspired, interesting, humorous, meticulously crafted posts reflecting a unique outlook" he claims.

My Journey To Japan Josée has just been accepted on her course in Japan.

Drill Bits subtitled : A weird guy living in japan. It features : "japanese stuff, reviews, thoughts, absurd things, bizarro, fantasy, writing, doodling, boredom, randomness."

Not enough Cheese from Ben on the JET program in Okayama.

Tokyo First Time Japan looks like a fairly generic tourism site with some blog type postings that has been created recently mostly from items from WikiHow.

Due to a problem with blogger software that I and number of others have reported, I'm not able to add these blogs to the list of 'Latest posts', so I've had to add a second 'More Latest posts' further down the blog. Please keep paging down to see the latest updates from these blogs, until blogger will let me edit the original list.

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