I took a Christmas break so here's a double helping of blogs submitted to the Japan Blog List since the start of December 2011.

47 Japanese Farms 47 Farms is a three and a half year project examining Japanese agriculture through interviews and working farm stays with farmers and community leaders in each of Japan`s 47 prefectural entities. Written by two Americans living in Tokyo on a work assignment.

Life In Japan Life as a comic book from Victor.

The Mad Poppet Japan news, product reviews, and special segments like the Japanese Word of the Day, and StumbleUpon Japan from Dan in NY.

Monkey Man in Japan Subtitled "Obnoxious Opinions on Almost Anything, and Damn Proud Of It" Ryu is keen to share his experiences of Japan with the rest of the world; Help others understand more about Japanese culture and write weekly posts explaining the etymology of Kanji and useful Idioms. He's been busy since the start of Jan 2012.

Chuckzilla Eats Tokyo Chuck is a Canadian living in Tokyo, teaching at an International School.

Seiso Hime Dedicated to exploring the more feminine styles of Japanese fashion, particularly a simplistic, elegant style called Seiso.

Mottainai Kelly says 'mottainai' ("what a waste") it would be if she didn't share with others the knowledge of Japan she's gained through her experience of living here.

More Things Japanese is based on the book 'Things Japanese' written by Basil Hall Chamberlain in the 1900′s. It was a collection of articles on varying aspects of Japanese life and culture. More Things Japanese hopes to follow along in his footsteps, but for today’s world. from Benjamin in Okinawa.

Toujin no Negoto The observations and things that interest Izzy around Japan.

Japanonomics will analyze both the micro and macro economics of Japan and the Japanese people. Understanding an economy as complex and diverse as Japans requires looking beyond vanilla economic indicators and government statistics.

Susie Somewhere She's somewhere in Sendai supposedly teaching English so she says.

Red Headed Gaijin Zoe is hoping to leave England and come to either Japan or Korea.

With Aloha from Japan Shannon has just moved to Yokosuka and has subtitled her blog Confessions, thoughts and adventures of a local girl (and her husband) living in Japan.

With Eyes Wide Open The Damiano family are arriving in Yokohama very soon to teach English.

Zooming Japan from a German lady who has been in Japan since 2008 traveling, taking photos, studying Japanese, good food, Japanese dramas, castles, cats and taiko.

Hokkaido Kudasai Pamela has just moved from North Carolina to Hokkaido with her husband and is enjoying the snow in a new country.

Yamagata Man from Chris on the JET program in Yamagata.

Kamigata Rakugo and Me A Happy Bilingual Blog about Comic Storytelling and Life in Osaka, from Matthew.

Dave's Japan Diary A day-to-day, true to life drama of a Jamaican male, living and working in Japan. he's been blogging regularly since March 2008.

I Love Kanji is a Japanese writing learning site.

Kasukachan Kasuka is posting everyday about her Japanese learning experience.

Japanese Rule of 7 Subtitled "Knowledge for your brain about Japan." Ken covers Life in Japan, Working in Japan, and Learning Japanese.

Lets Japan Mark has been in Tokyo since 1993. "You’ll find a variety of inspired, interesting, humorous, meticulously crafted posts reflecting a unique outlook" he claims.

My Journey To Japan Josée has just been accepted on her course in Japan.

Drill Bits subtitled : A weird guy living in japan. It features : "japanese stuff, reviews, thoughts, absurd things, bizarro, fantasy, writing, doodling, boredom, randomness."

Not enough Cheese from Ben on the JET program in Okayama.

Tokyo First Time Japan looks like a fairly generic tourism site with some blog type postings that has been created recently mostly from items from WikiHow.

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