Here's this months round up of blogs added to the Japan Blog List

The Girl in Translation Jess is about to arrive in Japan for a one year adventure.

Follow Noah Noah has already done some long distance walking the Tokaido from Kyoto to Tokyo in 2011 and he is planning another trip in 2012. The route will be from Hiroshima through Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, along the Nakasendo to Tokyoto follow the legacy of and to search for the modern day locations of Hiroshige's paintings: The 69 Stations of the Kiso-Kaido. He'll be filming interviews and posting videos of his trip as he goes.

British Extract Kim is moving to Japan in March 2012 from England. She'll be volunteering in Takarazuka, working with the disabled and she's going to be keeping a blog about her daily life, differences in culture, fashion, etc, pretty much anything that is different or interesting from life in England.

Hokkaido Bandhunt Emilio and his friends have recently started interviewing bands in Hokkaido for their new blog. They will be updating once a month with new bands. All of their interviews are in English but they are planning on posting translations too.

Just us in Japan This is the story of three adults, two children and two dogs stationed in Japan.

Beacon Reports Bottom line tips for residents of Japan from Richard. Categories include :Legal and Taxation, Lifestyle and Culture, Personal Finance and Real Estate.

Amanda in Japan She's been in Japan since 2007, she says 'Being in Japan has taught me how to live.' read her story.

Japan Law Geek Offers an analysis of legal and political developments in Japan.

Japan Glimpsed Glimpses of Japan from Brian.

Haecceity: Lexi Chronicles Haecceity is the personal blog of Lexi, a twenty-something Pacific Northwest native with an English degree and a love of Japan. Here you will find assorted tales of international [mis]adventure alongside travel photos, opinion editorials, and anecdotes from the life of a devout wanderer.

Aussie on the Izu Sarah arrived in Japan just after the quake last year on the JET program. She's trying to set up a reasonably successful blog about Japan. (her words not mine!)

Life in and Life After Ariake Aggie was in Japan on the JET program, but now back home.

With Love from Japan Eustacia is going to study in Japan for 5 years under the Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Undergraduate scholarship. Follow her progress here.

The Only Blonde in Osaka is self described as: '21 year old blonde Kiwi seeks fame and fortune via pretentious and gimmicky travel blog that will inevitably discuss mundane observations of an exchange student's everyday life in Osaka, Japan, with a special focus on Japanese toilets.' started last week.

Japanese Odds and Ends proclaims "Is directed at a somewhat troubled audience and tries to fill the gap between those levels of Japanese for which there are plenty of learning materials."

This is How She Fight Start Hard to summarise this one, but some interesting and well written items on observations on life in Japan from Kure Kamo.

Far Away Blog Kevin is in Kobe, he's been teaching in Asia and is about to publish an E-Book on his experiences.

IroMegane describes itself thus: "Iromegane is the key to understand real Japanese society, culture and people. Japanese products are everywhere around us but Japanese people are barely known. They might be mysterious and strange for you but WHY? Iromegane helps you to fill your curiosity." They been posting since Feb 2011.

Handshakes and Hellos Paulo is a BBOY hailing from San Diego, California & is currently living in Sapporo, Hokkaido teaching English to the little kiddos. Amongst the many scenic photographs he posts of urban Sapporo, you'll also maybe surprised to discover random video clips of him breakdancing in his tiny Japanese apartment & possibly other parts of the city.

Travel in Nihon He's keen to travel all over Japan to areas ranging from Okinawa to Hokkaido and everything in between and he plans to capture as much as a person can.

Japan Travel Cafe Richard's website is devoted to living and traveling in Japan. He'll be posting observations, notes, photos and sketches. He says "This is not your typical travel website, this is my digital travel journal."

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