This months blogs added to the Japan Blog List

Marina's Tokyo Cafe Marina writes about her life in Tokyo, Japanese Culture and she features recipes and videos from her Japanese Kitchen.

The Japan Bucket List Lucy, being an obsessive-compulsive sort of person, and also a fanatic of bucket lists, thought it would be fun to set herself some challenges to encourage herself to experience Japan when she arrives in March.

Me A Cranberry Ale Trying hard baker-photographer-gardener, seamstress, Wife, mother, and home-maker from the Philippines currently living in Toyoyama Town, Aichi Prefecture.

The Pudcasts Rachel and Laura: Two foodies currently baking, grilling, stewing, saute-ing, BBQ-ing and icing their way through life in Japan.

Love Hate Bake Ella and Shana are cupcake enthusiasts, cafe nerds, and lovers of good design and good food. They want to share some of the things they love from Tokyo and around the world, including interviews with chefs, bloggers, baristas, DJs, recipes of their own, cafe and restaurant guides, product reviews and much much more, with a big dollop of creamy cupcake lovin’, ‘cause that’s their kind of thing.

All About Japanese Food Kiyomi graduated Tsuji Culinary School majoring in Japanese cuisine. She's blogging about Japanese cooking because "Japanese food is not just SUSHI or TEMPURA, there are many home cooking meals that are healthy and tasty". She's eager to become your Japanese Food Guide.

Sin Tonic She's currently studying Modern Japanese Studies in Germany. She'll be posting about daily life and videogames.

Japanologically She works for Interac as an ALT in Nagaizumi-cho in Shizuoka prefecture. She teaches exclusively at elementary schools and is enjoying every second of her crazy little adventure!

Around Tokyo was started in Sep 2011. Their idea was to create a site that would give tourists and travellers to Tokyo a fairly broad range of ideas of what is on offer here.

Not here for Green Tea and Onsens Stories and tips from surviving and hustling in Tokyo, from John LaTorre: Writer and Experienced Former Drunk.

Grinning Studio Run by a gentleman who calls himself Grin he describes his site :'I am looking for talented people in Japan that want to promote their hobby, or creative project to the English speaking community. I am the producer of the free podcast, and blog all about Music, arts, and entertainment in Japan. If you have a hobby, project, creative product, and some form of media I can link to such as a blog, website, order page, podcast, art portfolio, or the like, and you live in Japan please contact me to see how I can promote you for free.' . And so I did, and Steve interviewed me about JapanBlogList for his Podcast. Listen to our conversation here at Interview with Jonathan Allen Webmaster of JapanBlogList. He has also started a Facebook Group Japan Bloggers.

Cajun Gaijin Adam is a Cajun from Louisiana who’s moving to Japan to teach English. He’ll be chronicling hist adventures after he arrives in May.

Urban Postcards : Steven Crawford is a British lifestyle and editorial photographer living in Fukuoka City Japan.

Tokyo Excess Focused on Japanese pop culture, Japanese collectible culture, anime, science fiction, gadgets, some travel, and other interesting things.

Gurepufurutsu Means Grapefruit Chronicles Kelly's culinary adventures in Japan. Food, travel and recommendations.

Girl and Kat British astrophysicist who has recently moved to Japan with her cat.

Japanese Names Claims to be "The ultimate boys and girls Japanese names list with meanings in English." It's now newly updated for 2012.

My Japanese Language learning journal is, not surprisingly, about learning Japanese.

Six Days in Chiba A lot more interesting than the name sounds. 'Centipede is a jack of all trades, and an aspiring translator/game designer/ bum... He is also an avid gamer, anime fan, and self styled movie critic.'

Come Along to Japan Climbing Mount Fuji, zen-meditating in Matsushima, meeting robot Mickey Monroe in Sendai, petting a blue-eyed deer in Miyajima... Anni spent a month traveling through Japan, and turns out, it was the best time of her life.
Kiwi Vanilla Kinda weird pretty girl - that's her! She says she's a nutcase, but she's cute. She's a 20 year old from Argentina, who is pleased to meet you. Please enjoy her awesome blog of awesomeness.