It's the end of the month and here's the latest round up of new blogs that have just started, or blogs that have been going for a while and only just been submitted and added to the main

Japan Loves Me "We Love Japan, so Share". Entertainment, Politics, Tech, Videos, What's hot and more news stories on Japan.

Life in Rural Japan Jo lives in a small town in southern Japan. She lives with her two children and Japanese husband and is learning more everyday about the world of Japanese agriculture and culture. She's been blogging consistently since 2006.

Lost in Translation Vivian is a Fashion writer in Tokyo.

Anicoma Diary Chow Qing from Malaysia. Potrays her journey in life as an otaku, a student and a Malaysian girl.

Made in Matsue Events,happenings, memories, food, drinks, crafts, dreams, impressions, ideas, everything & anything. All made in Matsue.

Tokyo Green Space Jared Braiterman is a design anthropologist living in Tokyo. He takes photographs and writes about nature in the world's biggest city. ( as mentioned in Japan times )

So Kyoto Starting March 1st 2012, Kyoto will be her home town for five months. Making her 'castle' at a tiny apartment in a charming neighborhood near Kyoto Imperial Palace. She's trying to squeeze as much culture and tradition as possible in these months. And a very good job she's done so far.

Life in the Land of the Rising Sun Kate is Cooking, traveling and photographing her way through life in Japan.

Diverse Japan is a dynamic and exciting blog created by writer Spencer Lloyd Peet and features articles, interviews and reviews on all aspects of Japanese culture, including art & entertainment, martial arts, food & drink and travel. It has contributions from many experts within various fields of Japan culture including authors, musicians and business persons sharing their knowledge and passions.

Wings 'n Things Birds and wildlife from Fukuoka. since Aug 2011.

A blog from West Tokyo Photos and cooking from West Tokyo.

Amanda Japanda Amanda has been learning Japanese for four years and has now started sharing her progress.

Mari Nori Sisters in Tokyo sharing their Fashion interests in English and Japanese. since Nov 2011.

Morning Musubi Adam is half Japanese and he hope with his website is to create a community large enough to really push each other and help everyone along there journey to learn this crazy language we call Japanese. The main feature of his site is the Weekly Challenge. A place where readers have a task with a deadline to help learners motivate themselves.

Return to Tokyo Laura is back in Tokyo and writing about all her new experiences and the usual crazy stuff.

Without my Diary Cassie's travelblog an infoblog for anyone interested in travelling to Japan, or working as an English ALT in Japan. Lots of detail of life as in Mitoyo, Kagawa on the island of Shikoku since she started in Jan 2012.

日本で... ( In Japan) Sydney is on his way to Japan for a month.