This is a double issue update of all the new blogs submitted to the Japan Blog List in the past couple of months.

Conquering Japan and Beyond Justin is a JET in Takamatsu.

Angry Gaijin Will be writing about her personal experiences as a former JET and current ALT working in Kyushu. Dealing with culture shock in Japan plus food, language, anime, history and more.

Tadaimatte Japan Ash lived in Japan and has now returned to Toronto.

A walk in Japan What it's like to be a JET in Awaji. Stephen has just arrived in Japan and hopes his blog will provide information on culture, food, travel, and helpful information for tourists and JET applicants.

An intern in Japan Amanda has just arrived. lots of Japan related stories.

Registered Alien He's been here quite a while and has plenty to say on Life in Japan.

Food Science Japan He is interested in the Japanese food industry. Most of his posts follow new products, marketing and the
science behind these products.

Colors of Tokyo Her blog started in 2006, It has developed through the years into a photo journal, recipe book, and travel log. She's been in Japan since the start of the year.

Theresaurus Life in Japan from Theresa.

London To Yasuoka Jovana has completed all the formalities and arrived in Japan in July to start on the JET program.

Children of the Occupation Walter Hamilton, journalist, author and Tokyo correspondent for Australia Broadcasting Corp in 1980's has been putting together information on 150 people born in or near Kure in Hiroshima prefecture with Australian, American, British, Indian or New Zealander fathers. The website, book and blog aims to make the subject of fatherless mixed race children familiar to a wider audience.

Challenge Japanese Stephen is aiming to learn basic Japanese in three months. follow his challenge.

Yakuza Watch blog will be news based, include non-news topics like movie and book reviews. He's currently writing a series of books following the life of a yakuza gangster called "Yakuza Dynasty." They will be published as e-books in the near future.

Japanese Through Anime He claims learning Japanese from Anime really is possible and if you stick around his website long enough you'll soon find out how.

The JPN Journal Photos and stories from around Japan.

Rants and Raves on the Journey to the land of the Rising Sun Armand is a South-African in Brussels aiming to travel to Japan for a few years. He likes traveling and food.

Sydney Loose In Japan She's just arrived in Tokyo and loving it.

Ikimasho He's just a wee guy living in Tokyo who likes travelling, ramen, electronic music, punk rock, BMX, drawing, art, writing, cute stuff, quirky stuff and everything in between.

Japan Trip Blog A newly married couple decided to shoot some interesting moments of their trip to Japan. 5 episodes so far.

Espelancer Chronicles from a Navy guy studying at the Yamasa Institute in Okazaki for a month.

JaPonPon from a Spanish blogger in Japan.

Japan! Japan! Food and much more from Ron.

Vidasemvoltas from a Portugese blogger and keen sports fan in Japan.