It's the end of the month and here's the latest round up of new blogs that have just started, or blogs that have been going for a while and only just been submitted and added to the main

London to Yasuoka Jovana is documenting her experiences in the small village of Yasuoka not only for friends and family but also for prospective JETs looking for information about the Programme.

Food for Life Dar is passionate about cooking and eating.Introducing homemade Shan,Japanese and Asian recipes is her first priority.

Mums and Kids Japan Advice about living in Japan, especially for mums and kids. Tips to make your life with children more enjoyable.

A walk in Japan Through blog entries, photos, and videos, A Walk in Japan provides information on culture, food, travel, and the JET Program. He's hoping to provide helpful information for tourists and JET applicants.

Life in Japan with toddlers Life in Saitama Japan with toddlers, regular updates on all things children related.

Rude Boy Abroad featuring journal-style entries about daily life, occasional critical analysis, and observations on topics such as language-learning, survival in a foreign culture, and all the things that make Japan a great country.

Gaijin Go Japan Every post at GaijinGoJapan is geolocated : Latitude, longitude, prefecture, city and district is tagged. Sign up and share your own photos of places of interest too.

Big in Japan Ashley lives in Miyagi and working at British Hills with her husband. She's been posting about their adventures since Aug 2011.

Candy Kawaii Lover Ashley Dy is a Japanese street style photographer & style blogger. She's into knitting and making her own clothes, Dior lingerie, decapitated barbie dolls and The Virgin Suicides.

Vipin Shankhar Vipin is student of Life and Life Sciences at Mie University. He's interested in traveling the world (worlds), and trying hard to make those travels an eternal memory. Photographs, videos, and the pen come to his aid.

Four seasons in Japan Ichinen lives in Yokohama and likes making Japanese confectionery, fancywork using Japanese cloth and handicrafts. Lots of photos of the things and places to see.

Marienni Tracey has traveled all her life and currently lives in Japan. She writes about beauty, food, Japan, and points of interest in her life. But, it may be a little too early to narrow it down, this blog is just beginning.

Mia and Lola go on various adventures throughout Tokyo and beyond. The perfect mix of spicy and sweet.. hey! Go over and join them at Mia xox Lola for photos, fashion and cute girls. (in English and Japanese)

Sequins and Cherry Blossom Fran blogs about Japan-related events in her home town of London, interspersed with Japanese cultural titbits. It's for Londoners and anyone else who's interested in Japan or London or both.

My Big Apple NY is brought you by Sawako Yasuda, a financial writer from Kobe, Japan. She is sharing her views, stories, experiences in NYC. Find out the taste of the Big Apple with her. (in English and Japanese)

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