It's the end of the month and here's the latest round up of new blogs that have just started, or blogs that have been going for a while and only just been submitted and added to the main JapanBlogList

TokyoHometown Is put together by long-term Tokyo residents who know the city well and enjoy writing about and photographing the city's joyous quirks. There's good advice here on how to navigate the city, how to discover places that you will want to tell others about, and how to live here fully aware of what's going on around you.

Japanese Design Magdalene, a Polish graphic designer, presents Japan graphic design, including visual identity, posters, typography, illustrations, webdesign, as well as architecture, fashion or examples from the history of design. ( in English and Polish). wants to be your tour guide on Japanese culture, subculture, music, movies and news. They work around the clock to bring you the latest news regarding everything and anything Japan related. They focus on trends, music, style, pop-culture, anime, dramas, cinema, technology, subculture and other general news.

Poppin' Kitchen from Kumiko. She promises to post a new Japanese recipe every day.

usolee Kenji's an ALT with some artist ideas with photos and video entries.

Lunch Break Japan An English teacher shares the details of school lunches she is obliged to eat with the children. Recipes and interesting food finds from Tokyo and Saitama too.

Sneak in Japan Lee subtitles it 'Yet another boring blog, mainly about Kendo, but also in general about my visit to Japan. Enjoy ;)' which is an unusual way of trying to attract readers.

Onsen Addict If you need, love, or are curious about hot springs, this is the blog for you: steamy photographs (no porn), hot explanations rippling with the bare truth of Japanese hot springs and Japanese culture, and unbiased reviews. Step into the blog, and wet your toes, your whole body, your mind, your soul, and your computer .

Crystal's Colourful world her blog blog is mainly about food. She reviews restaurants in Japan also overseas.

This must be the place Japanese things from a lady in Japan books, movies, restaurants, vacations and things.

Of course blogs get deleted from the JapanBlogList too. A special vote thanks goes to Jeffrey, a reader who regularly keeps me informed of blogs that have stopped updating, or simply disappeared such as: 'Japan It up', 'Spartan in Tokyo', 'Scenic from Afar', 'Storm from the east', 'Tacos with chopsticks', 'Picture Japan' and many more. If I notice blogs have not posted in the last six months then I remove them, no notice or warning. If you spot any dead links please do let me know by dropping me a line at JapanBlogList[AT]gmail[dot].