Here's the latest batch of blogs that have been submitted to the JapanBlogList

Bonsai Paul started the site in May 2009. He has a passion for trees especially the wee ones and all things Japanese.

English Bento Box Prepared for you with love from Okinawa. About food and life interesting things to see and do.

Postcards from Fukui It's a blog about Sophie, a British JET living in Fukui prefecture. She posts about a range of topics, from teaching in a junior high school to travelling around Japan. This year she is trying to cover all the major festivals around Fukui.

 Tokyo Desu Tokyo Desu has five sections latest News from Japan, Guides to help you get the most out a visit, Tokyo Picks : reviews of restaurants and bars , a section on videos, and Upcoming events.

This is MY Life Check out the good times, the bad times and the crazy times of Ashley's life.

Gaijin Explorer Zacky Chan has been living and blogging in Toyama Prefecture for three years. Writing mostly about Budo, specifically concerning his experience training in Aikido and Kyudo. He also writes about hiking and bike riding throughout Toyama and other strange experiences as a gaijin.

Japan Music Promotion General information about Japan, Japanese music industry news, tips about music promotion in Japan from some musicians who have worked in the music industry in both the US and Japan.

AtsukoJoe Living now in London but still deeply attached to Tokyo. Constantly listening to music, often drawing, Joe is a designer and photograph-taker. Atsuko is a British fashion brand manager, design researcher and interpreter / translator.

Sunjatta Yokosuka Mike : He's just a guy enjoying his life living in Japan. He likes to travel around the country and take pictures as he goes.

Tokyo Stroller was founded in March 2011 after Sandra realized there was little information available in English on baby and kid-friendly places in Japan.

Organization Anti-Social Geniuses wants to be "your hub for Japanese Pop Culture". From Anime, Manga, Gaming, Music, Conventions, Figures, News, and more, they provide you with information on a valued medium to interviews and thought provoking editorials covering the medium you all love.

Cherry Blossom Stories Renae is a novelist and writer of Japanese fiction and non fiction. Her blog focuses on Japanese culture, food, literature, trends, fashion, style, customs and travel advice, along with her own personal experiences. It also features competitions and updates on her novels and short stories.

Nihongo Navigator Lots of Kanji descriptions, In addition to the language learning component of this blog Gary offers his perspective as an expat in Kyoto and his love for this city as reflected in his photos and descriptions.